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They sincing data with Seyna application

Seyna build a platform
for brokers needs

Export your data easily, line by line

Need access to your data in right format ? One click to export. 

Deposite your bordereaux online and match your data

Gain efficiency when depositing slips and recover your premiums more quickly.

Get analytic views of your portoflio

Access to a panoramic view of your data with compilation of datavisuazation. 

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Seyna has selected all the best tools and tips to help brokers get into compliance quickly, for free.

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Today, we specialize in two sets of services:

We work with brokers and reinsurers looking to diversify their pool of insurers. We offer a seamless transition process, that can be completed in under 4 weeks, including risk assessment, adjustment of the legal framework and systems interconnexion. Below are a few case studies of some portfolio transfers we have finalized in the past (Garantme, Chevalier, Avantages Leclerc)

At Seyna, we believe the potential for creating new insurance products is limitless. There is no reason why wouldn't shouldn't be able to insure 10x more risks than today. It's just a question of finding the right product / pricing / distribution mix. If you are a broker or an Insurtech and have an idea for a new product, get in touch with us and together we will work on defining the insurance of your dreams. Below are a few case studies of some product creations we have done in the past (Alfy, Koala, Ticketmate)