The world is evolving fast.
So are your customers and their needs.

From risk-carrying, to products distribution and claims-handling, leverage Seyna's technology to run and grow your portfolio.

Working with Seyna,
in a nutshell...

Better products.

  1. Customized whitelabelled insurance product. Time to market : 3 weeks.
  2. Ongoing adaptation of your insurance products, as you get feedback from the market
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More Business.

  1. In-built marketing and customer acquisition tools to grow your portfolio and prevent churn
  2. 7-day response time thanks to the express submission of new business opportunities via the platform. Be  first to respond to your customers!
  3. Performance and data analytics tools to monitor your business
Check out our Dalma Case Study


  1. Automatic integration of your insurance slips. API, csv, excel... Seyna adapts to your data model
  2. Fully automated money-laundering checks across all your programs
  3. Access to row-level details about your programs 24/7 directly via our SaaS platform
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Our programs are backed by the world's leading reinsurance companies

Dream big, we'll act fast to bring your customers the most robust protection in the industry.

Case Studies

Emergence of a

How Dalma and Seyna developed the service that would change the face of the French pet insurance market        

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