About us

Why we wake up every morning.
What we thrive for.

Our vision

Enable Insurance. Enable World Progress.

At Seyna, we believe that insurance should be a protection force helping Humanity move forward, with peace of mind. 

But our world is changing, fast. Dreams get bigger, time becomes scarce. People need better protection, quicker.

Meanwhile, the insurance sector is being held back by its technology. Building adequate solutions at the pace this new world dictates is a challenge.

That's why we created Seyna.

This is why everyday we build insurance products and tools for those who protect us...


for being in the front line with their customers and having unmatched market knowledge                    


for having the risk-accumen and financial strength that solid protections require 

Our values

Build It, Track It,
Tweak It.

We believe success is a process. Everything we do is measured, analyzed and improved. This applies to everything : insurance products, our technology, ourselves, ... everything!

Be Bold
and Act Fast.

We want to be where our partners and their customers need us to be. We believe that insurance should drive world progress, not hinder it. The world is moving fast... so will we.

Be Insanely

The world comes with so many challenges and so little time. We believe helping each other is the only way forward. And if we can't help, we'll try and find an alternative. Just keep building.

Our Team

Arnaud Ducruix
Barbara Andreu
Cindy Mulsant
Côme Billerey
Elisa Vereau
Eric Gaudinot
Guillaume Font
Jean-Baptiste Alves
Joanne Jacqueline
Jules Charpentier
Magaly Wauters
Nicolas Foo
Olivier Toumsy
Rodolphe Strauss
Stephen Leguillon
Tarek Dinkespiler
Thomas Florelli
Yves Radenac


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