I want to diversify my risk carriers

Diversifying risk is key for brokers to avoid creating dependency on their portfolios. Seyna's objective is to help brokers diversify their risk for all types of insurance products. The Seyna platform offers different insurance models to ensure better performance and complementarity.

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How to increase my insurance capacity with Seyna?

Without Seyna

Traditional model
Time-consuming search for capacity, administrative overload, slow product modification, etc.
An uninnovative market
Undifferentiated insurance products, inflexible offerings and limited access to decision-makers.
Limited access to capacity
In a tight market, particularly in health and life insurance, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find risk carriers.

With Seyna

New technology insurer
Benefit from the expertise and agility of a new player in the insurance industry, including Analytics with real-time data on the health of your portfolios.
Risk diversification
Innovate faster than the market and launch your customized product in 2 months, while continuously optimizing it thanks to our management tools.
Panel of risk carriers
Access a set of privileged agreements with insurers to carry the risk of your health insurance programs.

Let Seyna carry your risk

As an insurer, Seyna can help you cover 7 types of risk

Seyna's aim is to help brokers with all types of insurance products. For the time being, we are concentrating on 7 types of risk: Health, Life, Breakdown, Theft, Car insurance, Cancellation, Unpaid rent and Animal health.

Tailor-made insurance products

Seyna operates your insurance program: customized product design, 2-month launch and ongoing optimization. We co-construct all our products to suit the broker's needs and strategy.

Benefit from a new insurance model for the health and life market

Realignment of interests

Brokers are looking to increase their capacity, diversify their insurers and respond quickly to remain competitive. On the other hand, insurers are increasingly cautious in assessing health and life risks. With Seyna, brokers find insurers ready to support them in their growth.

The platform for transforming health and life insurance

To meet the needs of brokers, Seyna offers brokers an extended insurance capacity via its insurance partners. Seyna brings its health insurance and technological expertise to the table to make this collaboration a success.

Increase your capacity with one of the most innovative players on the market

Continuously adapted offers

Seyna differentiates itself from the rest of the market with tailor-made offers launched in just 2 months, and regular optimizations throughout the year to rapidly increase product profitability. Our technology enables us to integrate data in any format and analyze product performance in real time.

Direct access to decision-makers

Whatever the risk carrying, Seyna brings its expertise and technology to operate your programs. You have access to the Seyna quartet (Actuary, Lawyer, Project Manager, Account Manager), who provide analysis and recommendations to improve portfolio performance.