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Insurance Product Creation

Activity referencing

Prior to the launch of your program, share all your legal documents with our auditors. Upload your files to the platform or import them from your device: .jpg, .png, .pdf, .doc(x), .xls(x), .csv, .zip accepted. Maximum 25 MB.

Subscription Solution

Insurance product configuration

Insurance products are complex. However, Seyna allows you to manage all this complexity and configure your insurance product within the platform with the help of one of our Customer Success Managers.

Contractual documentation configuration

With Seyna, we simplify the configuration of your contractual documentation. You just have to upload your documents in the platform settings, and we take care of the rest. Our solution automatically generates your documentation and integrates it into various stages of the process.

Configuration of due dates

With Seyna, you can customize your due dates according to your clients' payment preferences. This customization can be done in a few clicks through our configuration interface.

Pricing engine

Seyna can accommodate all types of pricing grids. Whether you have 3 basic plans or more than 300 conditional prices, Seyna integrates the integration of your pricing grid into the platform.

Customizable form with fields

With Seyna, choose the most suitable fields for your process: date selectors, checkboxes, phone numbers, and any other fields needed for the specifics of your product.

Policyholder document upload

Eliminate the hassle of paper documents or email exchanges and offer a seamless and efficient experience to your clients. Our document upload feature allows your clients to easily provide you with the required documents during the subscription process.

Conditional subscription steps

Conditional steps allow you to adapt the process based on the responses provided by the policyholder. This way, you offer a personalized experience to each of your prospects.

Electronic signature

Allow your prospects to electronically sign the contractual documents directly within the subscription process, without interruption. For this feature, Seyna natively integrates the YouSign solution.

Back-office for quote tracking

Manage all your quote requests in one place. With our quote management back-office, you can easily view all your ongoing requests and quotes. You can also view the activity history of a quote or assign a quote to a colleague.

Automatic or manual quote creation by the broker

With Seyna, you can create quotes automatically or customize them manually according to your clients' needs. Manage prices, commissions, fees, and discounts with ease.

Multi-quotes, product lines, add-ons

Optimize your proposal based on multiple quotes, product lines, and complementary options. If necessary, make direct changes to your prospects' needs and propose customized quotes based on their modifications for a tailor-made offer.

Collaborative management of opportunities

Optimize opportunity management with Seyna. Track status, timeline, emails, and assign responsibilities to your colleagues, all to maximize your sales performance.

Portfolio tracking and performance

Continuous control

Ensure transparent management of your contracts and claims throughout the year. Demonstrate consistent expertise and reassure your insurers through continuous control.

Document control

Facilitate audits of your contracts and claims by quickly providing the required documents to your insurer directly on the Seyna platform. Easily track the compliance status of these documents.

Easy submission of bordereaux

Simplify your monthly submission process of bordereaux to your insurer by quickly uploading them to the Seyna platform. Receive alerts to remind you of deadlines, avoiding any oversights.

Custom insurance performance report

Get a detailed report of the performance of your insurance products with our customized reports, developed by our actuaries. These reports provide you with a precise view of profitability, premiums, commissions, claims-to-premium ratio, and much more.

Policy Management Solution

Policy management back-office

Provide your contract managers with an intuitive and collaborative tool for managing policies. With Seyna Policy Management, you are proactive in your relationship with your policyholders and minimize your rates of cancellation and unpaid premiums.

Waiver management

Track your clients' waiver requests directly on the Seyna platform. Simplify administrative processes while maintaining clear traceability of each waiver, allowing you to remain compliant and provide quality service to your clients.

Cancellation management (beta)

Track cancellation requests directly on our platform, manage statuses in real-time, and ensure that each step of the process is well-documented.

Endorsement management (beta)

Generate endorsements directly on our platform. Quickly adapt insurance contracts in case of modifications.

Renewal management (beta)

Automatically track renewal deadlines and generate renewal proposals in a few clicks.

IBAN or credit card direct debit

Don't limit yourself to a single payment method. With Seyna Policy Management, you have the flexibility to choose payment methods per insurance product.

Tracking and management of accounting transactions

Are you lost among all the accounting transactions of your policies? Enjoy a centralized view of accounting transactions.

Payment reminders

Simplify payment reminder management in case of failure to maintain stable cash flow.

Export policies in .csv or via API

Need to feed your CRM or transmit the statements? It's easy, export your policies from the platform. Find all your exports on a dedicated page.

AML Compliance Solution

Instant verification

If you have doubts about a person or company you are in contact with, you can perform an instant verification in a few clicks to dispel doubts.

Ongoing monitoring throughout the contract (Monitored File)

Monitor individuals or companies throughout the duration of their contract. Their file will be checked every day through automatic verification against Seyna's sanctions lists.

AML API (Rest API/GraphQL)

Do you want to integrate LCB-FT checks directly from your system? With Seyna AML APIs, it's possible: you can choose between Rest or GraphQL APIs.

Alert traceability management

Traceability is important to prove your compliance to regulators. Our activity feed allows you to see everything that has happened on an alert and tracks all past interactions.

Import/export of monitored files in .csv

Need to create a large number of monitored files? Nothing could be simpler, import a .csv file and our platform takes care of the rest. Need to export ongoing files and alerts? You can also do it and find the export history on a dedicated page.

Detection threshold management

Depending on the level of vigilance and your management processes, you can select the detection threshold that suits your business.

Sanctions lists

Are you confused among all the available sanctions lists? With Seyna AML, we have selected the most important and up-to-date sanctions lists.

AML Referent

As a broker, it is your obligation to designate an AML referent. With Seyna, this referent will be notified as soon as there is an alert matching one of your files with one of the monitored sanctions lists.

Claims Management Solution (beta)

Customizable claims declaration process

Create your own claims declaration process from the platform. All your forms are personalized, reflecting your brand and being responsive.

Attachment of justifications

No more back and forth via email. Ask your policyholders for all necessary documents directly from the claims form.

Claims management back-office

Offer your claims handlers a modern tool to ensure excellent service levels and quick reimbursement times.

Collaborative management

Not sure which handler should handle which claim? Seyna Claims allows you to efficiently manage the allocation of claims to the right handlers and keep them informed of each claim's progress.

Policy data retrieval

Access all policy information from a claim. Don't waste time switching between your email, document management, and claims tracking tools. Centralize all elements of the claims file in one tool that makes it easy to validate documents.

Document Management and Preview

Are you tired of juggling between your email, document management system (GED), and claims tracking tool? Centralize all elements of the claims file in one tool that makes it easy for you to review and validate documents.

Policy condition control

Tired of manual calculations and verifications to see if the claim is within the coverage period? Seyna Claims performs the necessary checks based on the policy conditions.

Payment tracking

Centralize payment and reimbursement tracking from the platform. Each payment is linked to a coverage.


User management

Create or delete users in a few clicks.

Management of subscribed modules

View the modules subscribed to in the platform and easily get in touch with your Seyna contact to subscribe to new modules.

Permission and access rights management

Configure user permissions based on roles and levels of responsibility of your colleagues.

Email template library

Use our library of email templates to prepare and customize your communications with policyholders, saving you time when sending emails.

Management of domain names (email)

Manage your domain names to personalize your email addresses used in communication with your prospects.