I want to launch subscription journeys quickly without an IT services company

Designing a comprehensive and intuitive subscription journey is crucial for your business. Provide your prospects with a seamless experience that promotes conversion while reducing your IT expenses.

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How to digitize my subscription journeys with Seyna?

Without Seyna

Complex developments
Subscription involves various technologies: journeys, pricing engines, quote generation, e-signatures... The development, integration, and maintenance of these technologies are costly.
Several months of deployment
Solutions developed in-house or by service companies impose long and costly implementation timelines.
Mobilization of your IT teams
Several weeks are required for IT teams to modify an existing journey.

With Seyna

No development required
A single solution for distributing your products: insured journeys, pricing engine, quote and contract generation, e-signature and payment, one solution to implement, including maintenance.
Deployment in less than 2 weeks
Insured journey and subscription management on the broker side, everything is implemented in 2 weeks.
Resource optimization
Thanks to our SaaS solution, the evolution and maintenance of subscription features are no longer a burden for your IT.
Illustration montrant la possibilité de lacer des parcours de souscription sur-mesure en 2 semaines avec Seyna

Launch custom subscription journeys in 2 weeks

Tailored to your brand

Our subscription journeys reflect your visual identity. Each step is adjustable to the insurance product and your vision.

Adapted to your distribution method

Whether your policyholders subscribe 100% online, your salespeople are involved in the sales process, or you operate in a distribution network, our solution is fully adaptable.

Harness technology for the sake of the experience

An intelligent pricing engine

Every moment matters. With Seyna, the insured receives a quote in just seconds thanks to a pricing engine capable of generating a customized rate in one second, regardless of the number of parameters to consider.

Contract documentation tailored to your brand

Reassure your prospects with clear and branded contract documentation. This is generated automatically from our platform at key stages of the journey: IPID, advice information sheet, information leaflet, certificate of membership, etc.

Integrate our technology into your systems effortlessly

As white label or through API

Choose between white-label journeys or an API interface to connect our subscription technology to your existing journeys. All our APIs are documented to enable a simple and fast integration.

Transfer signed policies to your management tool

Whether through manual export or via API, transferring subscribed policies to your management tool is now a seamless process.

Launch your subscription journey with Seyna