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Technology partners

To ensure the performance of its platform, Seyna relies on excellent technology partners.

Seyna hosts its platform on AWS, the most reliable, secure, and efficient cloud in the world.

Seyna converts your files into APIs using Coherent's technology for quick implementation and updates of your rating engines.

Continuity combines open data and artificial intelligence to expedite underwriting and detect risk situations within the portfolio.

Seyna offers a payment solution (direct debits, credit cards) through its partnership with Stripe.

Seyna natively integrates the YouSign solution for the electronic signature of quotes and contracts.

Consulting firms

Specialized insurance consulting firms have recognized Seyna as a relevant and innovative player for their clients.

Accenture advises insurers on innovations and technologies.

Exiom Partners specializes in management consulting for players in the finance and insurance services sector.

Oxea is an insurance consulting firm. Oxea has integrated Seyna into its panorama of insurance management solutions.

Delegated management firms

Connected to the Seyna platform, managers can handle your contracts and claims on your behalf.

CPMS is an independent group specialized in managing health and life insurance schemes.

Seyna and Tessi collaborate to manage your contracts and claims on your behalf.

Reinsurance partners

More than 15 reinsurers and insurers are connected to the Seyna platform. They partner with Seyna, a licensed insurance company, to underwrite the risk of all custom-designed products.

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