Platform's Terms and Conditions of Use

1. Subject

The data provision service (the 'Seyna Broker App') to which you subscribe as a Seyna commercial partner has opened an account for you on the Seyna Broker App platform (the 'Platform'). You can access the Platform through a dedicated portal based on the authorizations granted to you by the main administrator of the Platform (the 'Administrator'). These Terms and Conditions of Use (the 'Terms') are intended to govern the conditions of your use of the Platform.

2. Platform Services

The Platform provides the following services, accessible based on the authorizations granted to you:

- Sending and viewing detailed reports;

- Viewing analyses;

- Exchange of documents with Seyna;

- Viewing signed contracts;

- Managing access to the application.

This list is subject to changes, which will be reflected in the Terms and Conditions of Use on a regular basis.

3. Your Commitments

You guarantee the accuracy of your email address. The credentials that allow you to access the Platform are personal and confidential. You must ensure the confidentiality of these credentials at your own responsibility, and Seyna cannot be held responsible for the consequences of their use by a third party.If user management rights have been granted to you by the Administrator:

You are solely responsible for designating authorized users and their permissions.You must immediately inform the Administrator of any errors related to you (e.g., mistakenly assigning a dedicated space to another Partner than you).You are solely responsible for the documents you upload to the Platform.

You agree to immediately report to your Administrator any changes or inaccuracies related to you, for example, and without limitation: gender, email address, position in the company, departure from the company, or prolonged absence for any reason.

You guarantee the accuracy of the information you provide through the Platform.You agree not to take any action that could affect the operation of the Platform, such as attempting to intrude or corrupt data, launching a denial of service attack, or, in general, any action that could compromise its integrity.

You agree not to use the Platform for the following purposes:

Engaging in illegal activities, fraudulent activities, or activities that infringe upon the rights or security of third parties.

Undermining public order or violating applicable laws and regulations.

Aiding or inciting, in any form and by any means, one or more of the acts and activities described above.

And, more generally, engaging in any practices that divert the Platform from its intended purposes.

Please note that this translation is a faithful rendition of the text provided, and it's important to review the original terms in the official language if legally required.

4. Availability of the Platform

The Platform is available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day with a high level of availability. However, you acknowledge that technical issues may occur and disrupt the normal operation of the Platform for a short period of time. You will be informed to the best of our ability about any scheduled unavailability.

5. Termination - Suspension

In case of proven non-compliance with these Terms of Use, Seyna may, at its sole discretion, terminate or suspend your access to the Platform.

6. Protection of Personal Data

Your personal data is processed by Seyna exclusively for the purpose of carrying out the operations implemented on the Platform, in accordance with the instructions transmitted to Seyna, as the data controller. You can, by contacting, obtain access to and, if necessary, rectification of the information concerning you. You can also request the erasure of data and the limitation of processing, within the limits provided by applicable law. Seyna undertakes to ensure that your personal data is processed and hosted under strict conditions of security and confidentiality and is not transmitted to an unauthorized third party. They are kept in the European Union, for the duration determined by the data controller, with a data host.

7. All intellectual property rights

The content accessible on the Platform, regardless of its form: text, logo, graphics, video, databases, etc. (the 'Content'), as well as the programs and software used by the Platform, are the exclusive property of Seyna.

Seyna grants you, on a non-exclusive basis and for the duration of these terms, the right to access the Platform and use the services for your internal needs as a Partner exclusively, via your credentials.

The granted right is understood as the right to remotely execute all or part of the services in accordance with their intended purpose, via a connection to an electronic communications network, to the exclusion of any other exploitation of the Content such as, but not limited to, reproduction, modification, or commercialization to a third party.

Any use of the Platform that is not in accordance with this article is prohibited and constitutes infringement, subject to civil and criminal penalties.

8. Responsability

Seyna is in no way responsible for any damages that may result from:

(i) your failure to comply with any of the obligations of these T&Cs,
(ii) any false statement regarding your identity, your authority to bind the Partner by your signature, or regarding the information transmitted,
(iii) a malfunction of the internet network,
(iv) a malfunction of the computer equipment you are using,
(v) the impersonation of your identity by a third party,
(vi) a force majeure event."

9. Proof convention

You agree that the timestamps and traceability elements kept by the Platform are admissible in court and constitute evidence of the data, consents, and facts they contain.

10. Applicable Law

These T&Cs are governed by French law.