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Portfolio tracking and performance

Track your portfolio's performance in real time. Benefit from the advice of our actuaries.

Increase my revenue

Real-time performance analysis

Access your dashboards to monitor the performance of your portfolio. Get optimization recommendations through personalized analyses by our actuaries.

Quick iterations with our decision-makers

No more quarterly committees. With Seyna, you have direct access to decision-makers to evolve your guarantees, your rates, and ensure the continuous performance of your product.

Digitalization of broker-insurer exchanges

The Seyna platform facilitates the management of your programs by digitizing the administrative aspect: referencing, auditing, slip management, and formatting your data.

Continuously improve the performance of your portfolios

Benefit from our actuarial analyses

Seyna shares its actuarial expertise with you: claims analysis, profitability analysis, rate impact studies... are presented to you in our steering committees.

Custom reports

Beyond the standard indicators available on the Seyna platform, our actuaries conduct tailor-made analyses to answer your strategic questions and guide your decision-making.

Complete your team with Seyna's expertise

Responsiveness and expertise

When you lack in-house legal and actuarial skills, it is valuable to be able to rely on Seyna's teams: both for their expertise and their responsiveness throughout your project.

Access to technical skills

PhDs in actuarial science, former members of the ACPR, compliance experts... they are at your disposal to continuously optimize your product.

Stop wasting time on low-value tasks

Data formatting

Our technology reads and processes the broker's documents (schedules, reporting, etc.), so you don't have to worry about formatting your data. This significantly reduces the time you might spend adapting your formats to the insurer's and correcting your data.

Real-time data analysis

With Seyna, your data is not only accessible but also analyzed! You can track the performance of your portfolios in real-time and we adjust your products accordingly.

Digitization of your referencing and continuous audit

Compliance can easily become a source of stress. With our dedicated "Check-up" solution, it's now easy to stay compliant, avoiding time-consuming audit phases.

Insurance brokers testify

Insurance brokers testify

With Seyna, we were able to launch around twenty programs in 2 years and conquer the French ticketing market.

Gérald Beyrand


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