I want to accelerate the launch of my insurance products

Launching a tailor-made product is often time-consuming and complex. With Seyna, launch your product in unmatched timeframes and increase your revenues by 200k€ in the first year.

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How to launch your product in less than 6 weeks with Seyna?

Without Seyna

Time-consuming processes
Traditional design and coordination processes take between 12 and 18 months.
Lack of expertise
Finding qualified actuaries and legal experts is difficult, which slows down the creation of your insurance offerings.
Loss of revenue
Extended design times lengthen the period needed to bring your offerings to market, depriving you of opportunities.

With Seyna

Rapid decision-making
Benefit from an iterative co-design process that speeds up the creation and launch of your products.
Multi-disciplinary expertise
Gain access to our actuaries, legal experts, and specialists by vertical to ensure the relevance and quality of your offerings.
Immediate revenues
Launch your insurance products quickly and seize business opportunities without delay.

Gain market share with tailored offerings

Co-design in less than 6 weeks

Our co-design methodology is based on rapid iterations, allowing you to create customized products in less than 6 weeks.

Your vision, our expertise

We tailor each insurance product to your vision and requirements. You drive the design, and our experts work closely with you to ensure a perfect fit with your market's expectations.

Rely on our insurance expertise

A trio of experts at your service

Creating insurance products requires multidisciplinary expertise: actuarial, legal, compliance. This is what Seyna offers you to ensure profitability and compliance.

Successful launch guaranteed

We assist you at every step of your launch by preparing all the necessary documents for a smooth launch. You benefit from comprehensive support to ensure that your offering is well-received by customers, regulators, and partners.

Seize all market opportunities

Risk carrying

You have the choice: we are capable of bearing the risk as an insurer, or of recommending another insurer to you based on your preferences. This flexibility allows you to make informed decisions to maximize the success of your offerings.

6 verticals today

Whether in the field of health, breakdown and theft, cancellation, unpaid rent guarantee, or even animal health and automotive affinity, we have dedicated experts for each vertical. This versatility enhances our flexibility to meet your specific needs.

Accelerate your insurance product launches