I want to increase the profitability of my insurance programs

A late analysis of portfolios hinders the continuous improvement of performance. With Seyna, increase your revenue by 180K€ thanks to our iterative methodology to evolve your programs.

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How to increase the ROI of your insurance programs with Seyna?

Without Seyna

Few performance indicators
Limited visibility on the health of your portfolios. Your data remains in the hands of your insurer.
Low performance improvement
It takes an average of 18 months to analyze the performance of a portfolio and consider modifications.
Annual audits over a 15-day period
A process dreaded by brokers that leads to a blockage of activity.

With Seyna

Your performance indicators at a glance
Ensure the good health of your portfolios. Your data is accessible and analyzed in real time.
Continuous optimizations
Thanks to regular analyses, our actuaries share their recommendations to continuously improve your performance.
Your business compliant all year round
Continuous referencing and control, thanks to Seyna Check-up, our broker compliance solution.

Optimize your results with our experts

Immediate access to a trio of experts

Get advice from actuaries, legal experts, compliance officers, and specialists in your insurance vertical.

Actuarial expertise

Our actuaries continuously analyze your portfolio to detect profitability trends. Receive proactive recommendations to adjust your programs according to market opportunities.

Boost your revenue with technology


Our reporting solution provides detailed data on your premiums, commissions, claims, and S/P ratios. Identify opportunities for improvement to maximize your profitability.

Facilitated slip deposit

Our technology reads and processes all documents in the broker's format, significantly simplifying your daily operations.

Simplified compliance

Our platform allows you to ensure your compliance throughout the year. Gone are the intense two-week audits. Upload your documents to our platform, and our auditors will continuously monitor them.

Increase the ROI of your insurance programs