Revolutionizing the rental experience with a leader in Unpaid Rents Insurance

Find out how Verlingue Immobilier called on Seyna to build its unpaid rent insurance offer

sandrine et alexandre verlingue immobilier

The partner

The Verlingue Group employs over 1,300 people committed to innovation in protection. With nearly 2 billion in premiums negotiated by 2022, the group is also recognized as a pioneer in unpaid rent insurance.

Today, Verlingue Immobilier supports over 2,000 real estate professionals to protect landlords and facilitate access to housing for tenants, with over 100,000 lots insured for unpaid rent.

Our challenges

Verlingue found that, as a tenant, it was very complicated to protect oneself. In addition to complex offers, customers were often faced with a fragmented, non-transparent process. 

The GoodLoc project was therefore born, with a simple objective: to enable customers to put together a file and professionals to obtain GLI insurance certification in less than 3 minutes.

To achieve this, Verlingue will use various technological solutions to simplify the experience and the examination of the tenant's file. Seyna has been asked to develop an offer that takes advantage of the latest solvency analysis solutions.

With the GoodLoc project, we wanted to rethink the entire rental experience from the ground up. So we were looking for an insurance partner with the same sensitivity to innovation and the same iterative approach to rapidly co-constructing a new market standard. That's what we found in Seyna.

Alexandre Cohen

Verlingue Immobilier Director

Our solution

Innovation is the common DNA between Seyna and Verlingue Immobilier. 

In this context, Seyna was able to co-construct an unpaid rent insurance product that met Verlingue Immobilier's criteria: 

  • Understand the challenges of the real estate market.
  • Innovate in the co-construction of an unpaid rent insurance product.
  • Delegate negotiation, management and indemnification.
  • Implement the project quickly.

Results achieved

Files compiled in less than 2 minutes.

Thanks to their technological approach to insurance, Verlingue and Seyna have set a new standard in the market.

Together, Verlingue and Seyna have ... : 

  • studied the market to identify customer apprehensions
  • Set up a delegated distribution scheme to deliver unrivalled response times
  • Developed a new approach to GLI underwriting, based on innovative solvency study technology, giving access to previously poorly protected populations (self-employed workers, trial periods, etc.°).

... all in record time!