Our vision

Creating a new insurance product should be fast. As a broker or distributor, you need to be agile and iterate as the market evolves.

Selling insurance to protect your customers should be easy. It should happen at the same time and in the same place as they buy your goods or services.

Managing insurance contracts and claims should be profitable. Using the right tools, we should automate what should be automated, and have a comforting client experience when needed.

Collaboration between reinsurers, brokers, distributors should be transparent. We all should work of the same data.

Seyna is building the insurance infrastruture to make all of those things happen. Our goal is to provide the insurance industry with a platform (underwriting capacity and services) on which others can build great insurance businesses.

Enabling today and tomorrow’s insurance

Seyna has built its insurance platform with two goals

  1. Create a better experience and profitability for existing insurance portfolios. Brokers, MGAs, other insurers can shift their existing portfolios to Seyna and benefit from all our services
  2. Enable your innovation. On top of Seyna, you invent and distribute tomorrow’s blockbuster insurance contrats. Thanks to our "test & learn" approach, you can launch fast, learn with data and iterate.

A global ambition for all products

Seyna currently operates France, focussed on P&C risks. However, the insurance company and platform we’re building is designed to enable all types of risks, in all geographies. As our company grows, we will expand into new frontiers.

Our Team

Arnaud Ducruix
Barbara Andreu
Cindy Mulsant
Eric Gaudinot
Guillaume Font
Jules Charpentier
Magaly Wauters
Nicolas Foo
Olivier Toumsy
Rodolphe Strauss
Stephen Leguillon
Tarek Dinkespiler
Thomas Florelli
Yves Radenac
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Backed by world-class investors

Why « Seyna » ?

Seyna is a reed from the South of France. Reeds are both flexible and strong. They bend in the wind, but never break. A good symbol for a new insurance player.