Goodflair x Seyna: A Feel Good partnership!

Take a backstage look at how Goodflair is shaking up the animal health insurance sector, thanks to Seyna

jerome et christophe goodlfair

The partner

Goodflair is THE new player in the world of animal health insurance. In just a few years, Goodflair has established itself as France's favorite pet insurance company, according to Trustpilot, the leading provider of certified customer reviews.

Democratize animal health insurance and strengthen the bond between human beings and our companions. These are the missions that Goodflair has set itself, through all its actions.

Goodflair is a member of the Community of Companies with a Mission, with the aim of making a difference to people's daily lives and contributing to a more inclusive society.

Our challenges

Today, 95% of pet parents are aware of animal health insurance, and 33% find it useful... but only 8% of dogs and 2% of cats are insured in France.

Now that the work of evangelization has been done, the challenge is to convince pet parents by offering them simple, accessible insurance to protect their four-legged companions.

Goodflair's promises are simple and accessible: 100% customizable cover, free 'Petites attentions' and reimbursements with no deductible, within 48 hours.

The results are clear: in a highly competitive market, Goodflair is experiencing strong growth, thanks in large part to its close ties with Seyna.

Our solution

When co-founders Jérôme Brisseau and Christophe Mas launched Goodflair, they were obsessed with creating the simplest, most accessible pet health insurance on the market, and delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Seyna was able to grasp the challenges of this particular market and respond very quickly to the co-founders' expectations. Together, in just a few months, they were able to build the tailor-made offering that Goodflair wanted, and that would revolutionize the animal health insurance market.

In a highly competitive market such as this one, the close relationship that Goodflair and Seyna have been able to forge today enables them to engage in highly constructive exchanges, regularly adapting their offers and processes.

Results achieved

A successful company is above all about teamwork and strong human relationships. In Seyna, Goodflair's co-founders and teams have found a trusted partner in their development.