Seyna AML

AML Compliance Solution

Simplify your compliance management. Deploy our AML-CTF solution in just a few days.

Become compliant

Remain compliant effortlessly

Are you not meeting AML standards? Start with Seyna AML and achieve compliance quickly, with no interruption to your business operations.

Saving 25 days per year

Automate first-level checks, right from the subscription and/or throughout the life of the contract. In case of a match with sanction lists, you will be automatically alerted.

Easier interactions with regulators

Meet all the audit requirements of regulators and insurers easily and show your proactivity in compliance matters.

Automatically verify the eligibility of your insured

80% of checks automated

Set a control period for each file and automate daily checks with Seyna AML. In case of a match with sanction lists, receive your alerts in real time via Seyna.

Controls integrated into the processes

Make compliance a priority. Start AML checks from the subscription process to take no risks and ensure the eligibility of all your new clients.

Act quickly in case of an alert

Alerts and verifications

In case of an alert, it is important to react quickly. By assigning the alert to a compliance officer, they will receive the alert directly via email to proceed with the verifications.

Communication with the insured

When an insured is identified as "non-compliant," use Seyna to communicate with them and collect the required supporting documents to further the verification process. This way, keep a record of your exchanges and documents in one place.

Visuel de la plateforme Seyna qui permet d'exporter des rapports pour faire des audits

Export your reports for auditing purposes

Filtering of alerts

Thanks to filters, focus on new alerts and unresolved alerts. Also identify those that require your action.

Collaboration with insurers

Proper management of your AML controls is a sign of trust for your insurer: easily export your AML reports to share with them. These exports, with just a single click, will also facilitate exchanges with regulators.

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Our control lists

The Seyna AML solution automates controls on asset freeze lists for you: General Directorate of the Treasury, UN, EU, national lists, OFAC, etc.

Available as an API

Also available as an API, connect to our platform and receive alerts directly in case of a match on the monitored lists.

Access the API explorer

Insurance brokers testify

Insurance brokers testify

In one week, we had access to all the technology needed to automate the majority of our AML processes. The solution is easy and collaborative, allowing us to save valuable time to spend with our clients.

Ghislain Averty

Chief Insurance Officer

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