Seyna Policy Management

Policy Management Solution

Automate your policy management and stay in control of due dates, renewals, and missed payments.

Enhance your policy administration

On average, 22% time saved

Our platform simplifies policy management and reduces manual operations, saving your team precious time.

Designed for insurance

Take advantage of a solution specific to the insurance industry. Our platform includes regulations and business processes that will increase your managers' efficiency.


Our solution allows for transparent communication, document sharing, and real-time collaboration among managers.

Stay on top of your contracts with superior organization

Tracking at its finest

Arrange your policies by what matters most to your operational priorities: whether it's by contract end date, status, or premium amount.

Policy exports with ease

Easily export your policies right from our platform in .csv format or through an API. Our export feature allows you to grab all the nitty-gritty details and associated documents for your policies to ensure your data is current across all your systems.

Provide top-notch service to your policyholders

Coverage, receipts, and documentation

Simplify your day-to-day management and interactions with policyholders by accessing all the documents related to a policy in one place: a summary of coverages, schedules, and receipts.

Collaborative tracking

All of your managers have access to the information and can share their comments to enhance operational efficiency and deliver the highest level of service to the insured.

Lower your non-payment rates

Preventive actions

Gain detailed insights into the receipts for each policy to prevent any lapses in coverage by being aware of the start date of coverage and the due date for premium payments.

Exports for accounting purposes

Download receipts for accounting purposes, allowing for efficient financial management and audit processes.

Insurance brokers testify

Insurance brokers testify

We soon realized that Seyna and I shared a certain Roole culture, which is solutions-oriented and pragmatic. That's why the partnership came about quite naturally.

Jérome Decroix

Chief Financial Officer

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