Seyna Sell

Subscription Solution

Optimize the subscription experience to boost your sales.

Increase my revenue

Deployment in 2 weeks

Subscription journey, your rate configurator setup, quote management, payment solution, everything is included in your project.

Maximized conversion

A seamless experience from document generation and electronic signing to payment.

For all insurance products

Works with all insurance products, any type of risk, any insurer. Only a few steps are needed for complete setup.

Offer a complete subscription experience, tailored to your brand

Intuitive journey

To keep the prospect engaged, provide a quick and intuitive experience with a journey that reflects your distribution model.

Technological engine

Rate configurator, quote generation, contract document creation, e-signature, and payments, everything is included in Seyna Sell.

Subscriptions finalized quickly

The final step of the journey allows for the collection of the insurance payment and the generation of the policy. Two key elements that you can track and manage from our platform.

Convert your prospects more easily

Commercial opportunities

Track unfinished journeys on the Seyna platform and carry out your follow-ups. All exchanges between your salespeople and prospects are centralized on Seyna.

Optimized conversion rates

Prospect follow-up, as well as the involvement of salespeople in the subscription process to modify a quote, increase the conversion of your prospects.

More efficient internal organization

With ease, your salespeople can share and assign prospects on the platform. This way, they can collaborate and focus together on the prospects for which each one is responsible.

Expand with a distribution network

A unique solution for all your distributors

Increase the reach of your product by relying on a distribution network. Create your distributors on Seyna and the associated subscription journeys and track sales by distributor.

Key performance indicators

Monitor the amounts of premium made by the distributors, the quotes generated, or the number of current contracts.

In API or white label

Take advantage of our subscription solution! Connect your journey to our platform via APIs or use our white-label journey, with no development required on your part.

Access the API explorer


White label

Your policies are integrated into your tools or managed within Seyna

By exporting policies

Export all your contract and customer data, then upload it to your own systems.


Use our APIs to send all relevant data to your own systems.

Via our policy manager

Use our solution to manage your contracts.

Insurance brokers testify

Insurance brokers testify

We soon realized that Seyna and I shared a certain Roole culture, which is solutions-oriented and pragmatic. That's why the partnership came about quite naturally.

Jérome Decroix

Chief Financial Officer

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