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The anti-money laundering solution designed for brokers

Make AML compliance a competitive advantage

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AML can be seamless

Be compliant with no effort

Not controlling AML yet? Launch Seyna AML in a few minutes and become compliant with 0 business impact

Streamline your monitoring

Eliminates weak points and expensive costs of legacy AML tools. Prove your compliance in 1 click to regulators and insurers

Get stakeholders’ support

Meet all audit requirements from regulators and insurers. Don’t let AML be a business negotiation argument anymore

Make your compliance an opportunity

Leverage the power of Seyna and gain competitive advantages

New features, instantly live

It’s SaaS, no need to install new versions

No hosting & increased security

Build on top of Seyna's infrastructure to create world-class experiences within record time

White labelled, tailored to your requirements

Your brand, your user experience, you control it all

Built by insurance experts

We are insurance specialists, we even operate a carrier

Your business, your data

Nobody, including Seyna, has access to your data. If you leave Seyna, your data leaves with you

Collaboration based

All employees access Seyna and work on the same platform

Your IT department ❤ Seyna AML

3 simple ways to integrate

Personal setup
Fill forms or upload your customers database

Advanced setup
Use Seyna AML’s API to scan your customer database in real-time

Seyna workflow (existing customers only)

Connect to your existing systems

Export Alerts
And upload them in your existing management systems

Seyna Policy Management
Use our world-class solution to meet your obligations for AML and KYC regulations

Integrate our APIs, to push all relevant data to your own system

Image of Seyna Sell IT integrations to connect to existing systems

Ask our clients

Seyna is a partner who stands out through its reactivity, its customer centricity, and its capacity to decipher market dynamics; a partner with whom the APRIL teams enjoy working.

Marine Robert


Assistant Head of Individual Health Insurance

Seyna and Lite were able to merge their analytical and insurance expertise, in order to guarantee that those who commit to better consumption will be rewarded for it.

Rémy Rousset


Co-Founder & CEO

No less than 20 000 prices were generated, giving us the highest level of product customisation on the market.

Alban de Préville


Co-Founder & CEO

Compensation in unrivalled speed - thanks to an integration in Seyna's systems directly via API.

Gérald Beyrand



Being backed by a partner such as Seyna had been critical for the success of our program. We especially appreciated their ability to bring innovative pricing models and adapt to suit our needs.

Thomas Reynaud



FAQs about Seyna AML

Does Seyna ask for a specific data schema to its partners?

No, our technology takes care of transforming your data to meet Seyna's needs, in a way you can focus on your business, not boring tasks.

Who can use Seyna?

Everyone who wants to grow their brokerage business can use Seyna, whether for developing tailored insurance products or for making their daily routine more efficient and enjoyable.

Seyna has both insurance products and technology tools. Can I pick and choose, or do I need to use everything?

You choose! Many brokers use Seyna Carrying to benefit from a great insurer and competitive insurance products, but use all their in-house built software. Others use just some Seyna tech tools, with their insurance products carried by other insurers. As the french say, Seyna is a-la-carte!

How much does Seyna cost?

We offer flexible and customized pricing, based on a variety of factors. Contact us for a specialized quote.

What happens to my data if I cancel?

When you use Seyna, all your data are centralised in one space, which only YOU can access. If you choose to stop using Seyna, you can export all the data from that space, which will then be deleted. The export can be done by using our APIs to transfer the data to another system.

How secure is Seyna?

Security is a priority at Seyna. We encrypts data with industry standards and makes sure it stays protected with 24/7 monitoring. Our security measures will constantly evolve in anticipation of future risks, making sure your data stays secure in any circumstance.

Make your compliance an opportunity