Turnkey Subscription Funnel for Brokers

Your insurance products distributed online in less than 1 week.

Seyna Sell

We built the best funnel so you don’t have to

Seyna Sell is a fully customisable subscription funnel. Use Seyna Sell to build your tailored subscription funnel and push to market new offers in less than a week. Cloud-based front and back office so you just have to focus on business, not on technical constraints.

Increase customer acquisition

Better conversion rate with customizable, user-friendly subscriptions journeys.

1-week to build your own funnel

Works for Property & Casualty and Personal Insurance products.

Hybrid journey

From on and off line, prevent channel interruption . Let the customer choose.

Data Analysis

All data and KPIs for continuous improvement.

Seyna Sell

Increase sales with a fully optimized funnel

Modular solution for insurance subscription funnels

  • Forms
  • Pricing engine
  • Contract generation
  • Electronic signature
  • Payment
  • Invoices & receipts

SaaS Solution

  • Scalable - Adaptable to your business volumes
  • Operated by Seyna - you use it, Seyna takes care of the rest
  • Continuous improvement of the solution

Highly customizable

  • Adaptable to many insurance types
  • Modify subscription paths as often as needed
  • All fields are customizable
Seyna Sell

All-in-on Subcription Funnel

A fast and fluid time to market. All the features in a highly customizable subscription funnel solution without the technical constraints.

Intelligent form adapted to each product

Pricing Engine

Analytics - Analyse subscription success and abandonments

Seyna Sell

Also included in your funnel

Documents generation

Quote Generation
Contract Generation
Invoice Generation
Receipts Generation

Electronic Signature

Electronical signature for all types of documents

Online Payment

One-off payment
Recurring payment

Insurance types covered

Unpaid rent
Breakdown, Breakage, Theft
Legal protection
Home Insurance
... and many more

Our customers know best

Seyna and Lite were able to merge their analytical and insurance expertise, in order to guarantee that those who commit to better consumption will be rewarded for it.

Rémy Rousset
Co-Founder & CEO

No less than 20 000 prices were generated, giving us the highest level of product customisation on the market.

Alban de Préville
Co-Founder & CEO

Compensation in unrivalled speed - thanks to an integration in Seyna's systems directly via API.

Gérald Beyrand

Being backed by a partner such as Seyna had been critical for the success of our program. We especially appreciated their ability to bring innovative pricing models and adapt to suit our needs.

Thomas Reynaud