4 defining figures for the health insurance sector in 2024 ...

National healthcare benefit recession, soaring claims rates and costs, inflation... The healthcare market is under pressure. But behind every crisis lie opportunities. Here are 4 key indicators which, in my opinion, will mark the Health insurance sector in 2024...

health insurance by Etienne Longeaud


This is the share of the Health insurance market that occurs through brokerage firm. When it stands at 51% for P&C insurance. (p. 62, France Assureur 2023 Report)This might amount to €12 billion in premiums, but there is still plenty of room for growth in health insurance brokerage. (Source: Etude France Assureur)

👉 In such a complex market, expertise and high service standards are essential. Contextual offers, new services, responsiveness ... there are countless angles to win new market shares!


This is the average pivot rate estimated for 2023. Rising claims rates, higher salaries for healthcare professionals to boost health jobs’ attractivity, withdrawal of the social security system... the sector is going through a rough patch. Even if you run your business perfectly, you won't be able to avoid an increase of 8 to 11%.

👉 So there's nothing we can do about that 8%. However, it is our responsability to adapt and avoid inflicting it upon our customers. The main areas of development that I see for us are fomenting our counsel and prevention initiatives to reduce consumption and maintain the technical balance of our programmes.


The consultancy firm Bain estimates that it is 7x cheaper to cross-sell to an existing customer than to acquire a new one (Source: Bain). In the current climate, it is important to have an effective approach to growth.

👉 To do this, let's focus on retention and maximizing the value we can bring to our existing customers. Let's build surprise effects into pour processes: attention on their birthday, a call to take feedback on our services once a year, preventive support for end customers, etc.


This is the average usage rate of assistance services in a health contract. And yet these services can be extremely useful: having a relative at your bedside in the event of hospitalisation, help with housework or looking after your children if a problem aruses, and so on. The issue is not one of appatite or need. All these services make sense. The real matter at play is the quality of their integration into our insurance journeys.

Your customers expect services. It's up to us to give them easy access to them.

👉 At Seyna, we believe that interoperability is the key. That's why we’re building the platform that will let you integrate the best solutions and services on the market and put them to work for your customers.

These periods of disruption are great opportunities to transform the way we do things and the services we provide.

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