Meet The Seynators - Marie Chambron, Customer Executive

Discover the professionnals and Humans behind Seyna! Today, we meet Marie Chambron, Customer Executive

Seyna - Meet The Seynators - Marie Chambron, Customer Executive

Marie, Seyna has been lucky enough to have you as Senior Client Executive for the past 2 years. Could you please start by introducing yourself in 3 words?

I'm dynamic, versatile and fairly rigorous. Given the limited number of words, I preferred to stick to qualities!

What's your fondest professional memory? With Seyna or not...

I'd have to say launching Valoo, an insurtech that I joined in its early days to take on the Insurance and B2C departments. We offered a platform that made it easy to list, value and manage your belongings. Among other things, we had deployed a super-powerful algorithm that enabled everyone to estimate their belongings and insurers to easily compensate their customers at the right value. 

In 2018, on this basis, we wanted to launch one of the 1st pay-as-you-go insurances in Europe. The concept was simple: you could activate your insurance by the day with a simple "ON/OFF" button. The business model was obviously complex to find, but it turned out to be a great adventure. We managed to get our brokerage license in 3 months, and developed an end-to-end offer that didn't exist on the French market at the time.

As for the rest, I also loved my time with SPB in Key Accounts, as well as Darty, Orange, Société Générale and TF1.

What made you join Seyna?

With Valoo, I got to know the early-stage, fast-growing start-up. With SPB, I was able to join a specialized ETI with strong business expertise. I wanted to join a start-up at the scale-up stage. By this I mean a project that has already found its business model, but where everything remains to be built. That notion of impact was important to me. 

Otherwise, probably this ambivalence between insurance and technology. I like the fact that I'm contributing to the construction of customer journeys and tools, while at the same time discovering the inner workings of an insurance company, where my experiences were more on the brokerage and distribution side before...

So you're a Customer Executive at Seyna. What does that entail concretely?

As an Executive Client at Seyna, I'm in charge of a Territory made up of both Clients and prospects (normally they'll recognize themselves when reading this article 👋 ). As their privileged interlocutor on a daily basis, I have to understand their issues and identify business synergies. These opportunities may concern the design of an insurance product (affinity, health, provident) or a need for SaaS technology. To do this, I define and implement my own sales strategy, which will depend on the type of player involved. Profiles and needs vary a lot so I adapt the approach every time. There's also a lot of work involved in prospecting, qualifying sales opportunities and monitoring our programs’ performance.

What do you think is your greatest challenge at Seyna?

The insurance sector has changed enormously in recent years, whether in terms of guarantees, digital experience or regulatory developments. There's still a lot to be done to improve the day-to-day experience of industry professionals and strengthen end-customers’ confidence in insurance. That's what we're aiming for at Seyna.

But Seyna still has to establish itself. While more and more brokers are placing their trust in us, we still have to convince others to take the leap and establish long-standing partnerships. And this applies to both insurance and technology! In essence, my challenge is to make Seyna a benchmark at every level of the company for brokers and partners in the territory I manage.

What qualities do you look for in your teammates? And what value at Seyna are you most sensitive to?

The team dynamic is essential for me. That’s why I like to work with people who have a bias for action, to make it easier to draw on each and everyone’s skills. In that sense, I’d say I’m most sensitive to two of Seyna's values: Grow Together & Own it, Build it.

What's your superpower?

My laugh? It can be a bit trying for my neighbors, but I'm told it's also contagious... On a more serious note, I think I'm a sociable person. I like to build relationships, and in general, it comes quite organically.

What do you do outside work that helps you the most professionally? (Routine, extra-curricular activity, charity work, etc.)

Outside my hectic family and friends life, I'd say diving. A bit like sophrology, it feels like a kind of meditation. It allows me to go into a state of radical observation. It helps me to step back and keep a cool head when life speeds up.

Finally, what advice would you give to someone considering joining our team?

I'd tell them to ask all the questions they have to find out if the project is right for them. Being curious and daring are part of the team's qualities, and also key qualities when looking for a new role. Working at Seyna means joining an ambitious project and being surrounded by a wide range of profiles and personalities. We don't have time to get bored and we learn every day.

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