Brokers, how can <span class="text-gradient-primary-secondary">you win your tenders</span>?

Access the replay of our June 15, 2023 webinar dedicated to tenders with the participation of Orange, Fnac-Darty, Assurant and Seyna.

Webinar tenders Seyna

🔥 We're waiting for them. We're preparing for them. They can transform a brokerage business.

We're talking, of course, about invitations to tender.

⚡ What do distributors expect in terms of insurance?

⚡ How can we prepare to put all the chances on our side?

⚡ What good practices? What pitfalls to avoid?

Thursday June 15 at 11:30 am, Orange, Fnac-Darty, Assurant and Seyna returned to the strategies and levers at your disposal to stand out and win your tenders, with :

  • Guillaume de Riberolles - Financial Services Marketing Director at Orange,
  • Nicolas Tardy - Home Services Offering Director at Fnac-Darty,
  • Marie-Laurence Gilleron - Sales Director at Assurant,
  • Magaly Wauters - Senior Account Executive at Seyna

And hosted by Elodie Champagnat, Marketing Director at Seyna.

🚀 Access the replay to talk concrete and growth!