Brokers, how to convince your risk-carrier?

Access the replay of our 30th of November 2023 webinar dedicated to carrying out successful negotiations with your risk-carrier - with the participation of SPVie, Meetch, MunichRe and Seyna.

Brokers, how to convince your risk-carrier

Delve back into a panel discussing the fine art of mastering Broker-Insurer negotiations:

  • Understanding the challenges insurers and reinsurers face regarding risk underwriting.
  • Understanding the negotiation levers brokers have at hand.
  • What is the practical approach to business for insurers and reinsurers, and what do they expect from brokers? What are the good practices and red flags?
  • The importance of relationships between insurers and brokers?

To answer all these questions, we had with us :

All monitored and by Elodie Champagnat, Chief Marketing Officer at Seyna.

Let's talk straight and about growth!