Technology enabling your success

Flexible connectivity

We offer multiple ways to connect to our partners, from flat files integration to full API (including custom API-as-a-service) to help them integrate seamlessly with our platform

Real time portfolio monitoring

We bring our partners (brokers and reinsurers) a full visibility on key business metrics (earned vs. written premiums, etc.) allowing them to make business wise adjustments on launched products

Transparent partner experience

We provide visibility to our partners regarding our product creation, onboarding, launching and running processes. We are working towards a fully digital process.

Efficient data analysis experience

Our platform allows for a fully automated monitoring of limitless, tailored products. This allows us to provide both a very efficient data analysis experience, and a low overhead, cost efficient process.

Machine learning asset

Our data science and actuarial team has a significant experience in quantitative marketing. We would be pleased to help you enhance your business thanks to state-of-the-art machine learning techniques. Among our area of expertise, we can analyze your portfolios’ acquisition and churn to optimize your customers lifetime value.