I want to automate my AML controls

AML controls are highly time-consuming processes with significant fines for non-compliance. Reduce the workload related to AML controls by 25 days per year.

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How to automate your AML controls with Seyna?

Without Seyna

Manual verification
AML checks are often manual and time-consuming, which slows down your teams' productivity.
Difficulty in detecting matches
The lack of automation can lead to gaps in the detection of sanctions matches, creating compliance risks.
Complexity in managing alerts
Manual alert management can be complex and prone to errors, leading to failures in the overall compliance process.

With Seyna

AML verification automation
With Seyna, AML verifications are integrated into the subscription process, saving time for your teams and ensuring compliance from the outset.
Continuous detection of matches
Seyna quickly identifies matches with sanction lists and generates real-time alerts, ensuring a swift response and minimizing compliance risks.
Transparent collaboration
Seyna enables your various compliance officers to interact on a case, helping you maintain a transparent, smooth, and compliant process.

Turn AML compliance into a strength for your business

Multi-sanctions list verification

Be comprehensive in your checks. Automatically verify matches with various sanctions lists, including the Asset Freeze Register and OFAC.

Enhance your compliance image

Act in accordance with regulations. In case of an alert, be redirected to a report to Tracfin, demonstrating proactive compliance management.

Assignment of compliance officers for your AML monitoring

Get organized. Assign compliance officers for the AML-CFT policy, ensuring clear responsibility and optimal management.

Automate your first-level checks

Real-time verification from subscription

Reduce risks from the outset. Conduct instant eligibility checks for each new policyholder, ensuring AML-CFT compliance from the subscription process.

Automated monitoring of all policyholders

Free up time for the essentials. Automate initial checks and focus on cases requiring more in-depth attention.

Receive instant alerts in case of a match

Immediate alerts for sanctions matches

Don't let any risk slip through. Be alerted as soon as a match is identified between a policyholder and sanctions lists throughout the duration of the contract.

Comprehensive monitoring for individuals and businesses

Receive alerts for individuals and businesses, enabling you to maintain complete control over AML risks.

Automate your AML checks with Seyna