I want to reduce my non-payment rates

Defaults impact your results. Automate policy management and instantly identify clients to contact.

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How to reduce your default rates with Seyna?

Without Seyna

Manual contract management
Contract management on your intranet can be tedious, leading to delays in payment tracking and renewals.
Difficulty in identifying potential risks
The absence of a centralized solution makes it difficult to identify contracts at risk and prevent defaults.
Limited cooperation among managers
Without a common platform, collaboration among managers is limited, leading to information loss and less efficient management.

With Seyna

Simplified contract management
By automating contract management, Seyna reduces manual tasks and enables rigorous tracking of payments and renewals.
Identification of default risks
Seyna enables the quick identification of contracts at risk, thanks to an intuitive visualization of contracts nearing expiration.
Transparent collaboration among managers
With Seyna, collaboration among contract managers is seamless. Comments on policies ensure efficient and proactive management.

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Maximize renewals and track payments

Real-time overview

Keep a real-time overview of all your ongoing contracts and those nearing expiration. Quickly identify contracts requiring special attention.

Payment method verification

Ensure smooth payments. Verify that automatically renewed contracts have valid payment methods to avoid any delays.

Anticipate to avoid defaults

Proactive default prevention

Take action before it's too late. Identify policyholders who have had negative interactions to take proactive measures to preserve contract renewals.

Rigorous payment tracking

Don't let due dates take a back seat. Ensure that all due dates have been settled to maintain financial stability and coverage continuity.

Collaborate with other contract managers

Collaborative management

Optimize your resources. Assign policies to other contract managers based on their expertise, ensuring efficient and proactive management.

Transparent communication about risks

Leave comments on policies to report potential payment defaults, allowing for preventive intervention.

Reduce your default rate with Seyna