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Increasing conversion rates is the major concern of your sales team. Provide them with all the tools to achieve their goal.

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How to help your salespeople convert more prospects with Seyna?

Without Seyna

Manual analysis of requests
You must manually analyze the needs of each prospect, which is time-consuming and does not allow for effective priority management.
Long quotes to generate
Generating quotes can be time-consuming when you have to consider different pricing grids.
Complex opportunity management
Business opportunities can come from multiple sources (phone, online, in-store...), making it challenging to coordinate among salespeople.

With Seyna

Automated request analysis
Seyna automates the analysis of prospects' needs, allowing you to classify and prioritize them so that the responses provided are both fast and high-quality.
Real-time quote generation
Our pricing tool allows you to generate personalized quotes very quickly, significantly improving responsiveness to your prospects.
Centralized opportunity management
With Seyna, the salesperson can create a prospect record in the back office, regardless of the source. This way, your opportunity tracking is centralized, and you benefit from smooth coordination among salespeople.

Analyze the needs of prospects

Quick decoding of expectations

Identify the needs of each prospect quickly. Our solution simplifies the analysis of crucial information, allowing you to customize your sales approach rapidly.

Personalized responses

Respond effectively to identified needs. Create customized quotes in just a few clicks to meet your prospects' expectations.

Offer the best coverage to convince even more

Adjustable quotes

Edit on the fly. Adjust your quotes instantly to accommodate negotiation or meet specific needs.

Quick access to insurer rates

Don't waste time. Communicate with insurers directly through the Seyna platform to obtain a rate quickly and complete the subscription as soon as possible.

Track the sale precisely from 0 to 1

Accurate tracking

Keep an overview of your pipeline. Track the progress of each prospect in the subscription process.

Targeted and multichannel follow-ups

Close successfully. Communicate directly with your prospects from the platform to discuss their ongoing subscription. This strengthens trust in your offering and increases your conversions.

Sales activity management

Optimize opportunity management. Distribute prospects among colleagues to ensure continuous and effective handling.

Improve your conversion rate with Seyna