Brokers, how to win your tender for referrals? by Orange, Fnac-Darty, Assurant and Seyna

We wait for them. We prepare for them. They can transform your brokerage business. Tender for referrals. How to stand out? How to maximise your chance of winning? Here a few actionnable levers at your disposal, today!

win your tenders

We wait for them. We prepare for them. They can transform your brokerage business. We are of course talking about tender for referrals.

⚡ What are retailers’ expectations in terms of insurance?

⚡ How to prepare to maximize your chances of winning?

⚡ What good practices can you adopt? What pitfalls to avoid?

To answer all these questions, we brought together Orange's and Fnac-Darty’s insurance managers, Assurant’s commercial director, as well as a senior customer executive from Seyna.

Among the lessons learned from the exchange

The ultimate rule : "Avoid tender for referrals."

This includes having a close relationship with team members. For large accounts, plan at least 1 or 2 years in advance. This will ensure that you have internal sponsors who will support your application when the time comes.

If you don't have 90% of the solutions to the specifications, don't apply.

Applying requires time, resources and your team’s energy. If you deem your chances of selection to be low, it's better to skip it and focus on opportunities that are more in line with your business.

Adapt your response to your counterpart.

There are schematically 3 types of distributors. Expert distributors, intermediary distributors and finally "self-insurers" distributors. We discussed the characteristics of each and the pitching angle for each of them.

And many other tips on the expectations of distributors such as Orange and Fnac-Darty, their needs and expectations vis-à-vis their insurance partners!

To discover them all, you will find below a link to the guide summarizing all the tips shared during the session, as well as a bonus tender for refferals response template.

👉🎥 Have a look at the replay of the webinar here

👉📘Acces the Guide "Winning your tender for referrals" here

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