Insurance Brokerage: Customer Acquisition in 2024 - 10 key takeaways

April, Seyna and Comparadise gathered to discuss the key levers at your disposal to make 2024 that year to boost your customer acquisition and transform your business.

Customer Acquisition in 2024

April, Seyna and Comparadise gathered to discuss growth and concrete steps. Here are 10 key takeaways…

Establishing the first contact

Nowadays, almost all French people first search for information on the internet. To attract the customer to your website, create content that provides clear and easy answers and offer the clearest possible deal. Be aware that profitability is rare in the first year.

Once you have your lead on the phone…

Quickly recontextualize to reassure. Don't start over with their needs, just confirm them and quickly move on to the quote. Also take care of your remote sales teams and ensure their satisfaction throughout the year. It will pay off…

Defining the right offers

Continuously survey the market. Use screen pages, beta-testing, collective or individual focus groups. Like April, constantly listen to your customers to adjust your offers real-time.

Quickly iterate

Success is a process. When launching an insurance product, the market does not always respond as expected, and one must be able to react and evolve it accordingly. Continuously iterating based on market feedback is the promise of Seyna Insurance.

To increase your revenue at a lower cost

Cross-sell. It is 7 times cheaper to sell a contract to an existing customer than to attract a new one.

Make it simple

Asking your customer to go to another URL to subscribe to their contract is like asking a buyer to cross the street to make their purchase… ineffective and detrimental to your conversion rate.

Differentiation on offers is no longer based on price

For instance, in health, 50% of clicked offers are beyond the 5th position! That means price is not the only criterion. Avoid racing to the bottom and instead focus on a seamless UX with fully digitalized Seyna Sell routes deployed in 1 week. In health, some services have also become essential. (e.g.: teleconsultation, assistance in case of hospitalization return, services related to hospitalization at home, network of care and negotiated prices… etc.)

But there is still plenty of room for innovation, or to optimize the use of these services. For example, the assistance utilization rate is currently only 1% on average.

Claims are the heart of the matter

This is where loyal customers are made. But also where you can lose them for good. You need to seek operational optimizations to free up as much time as possible for your teams to serve customers. That's why in the tools available on the Seyna platform, one of the technological building blocks is dedicated to insurance policy management and claims management with Seyna Claims.

To avoid customer churn…

Knowing how to adapt the pricing of an offer (proposing price adjustments to fit the budget), knowing how to detect an intention to cancel from a customer, knowing how to give a helping hand when the customer is in need (covering an expensive service), are all retention and loyalty actions that should nourish the relationship with the customer.

Collaborate with those who know, the brokers

And finally, one element particularly important to us at Seyna: to succeed you need to work with those closest to the customers and their needs, namely insurance borkers.

To allow them to increase their revenue, the Seyna platform combines customized insurance products and technology. If you're interested, let's talk!

To relive the entire discussion, here's the video:

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