Seyna's first Keynote - in a nutshell...

Every quarter, Seyna organizes Keynotes to share our latest features and news with you. Here's a summary of the very first edition.

keynote seyna april 2022

On the 12th of April 2022, Seyna organised its first Keynote.

Our aim is to tell you about all the latest features the team has been working on. Our one key objective is to develop tools to help brokers improve the protection and service offered to their clients.

The programme for this first event covered the subscription journey, AML-CFT compliance and the latest step being taken by Seyna.

Seyna Sell – to create personalised subscription journeys in less than a week

Seyna conducted an in-depth needs study with 60 brokerage firms. The four main needs that emerged (in order of importance) were:

  • Improved time-to-market
  • Improved conversion rate
  • NPS boost
  • Reduced administrative costs

This led to the creation of Seyna Sell – the solution enabling brokers to roll out customisable subscription journeys within one week.

The Seyna Sell course is available across all lines of business and is adaptable to all property and casualty products, from mechanical breakdown to comprehensive home via rental deposits.

The flow of use has been defined on the basis of best practices in the e-commerce market: a simple and refined, fully-responsive design, a maximum of two fields to be completed per step, a breadcrumb trail to give the client an overview, etc. The fields are modular and user-friendly. You can construct your journey on Seyna.

The design and text are fully customisable, because it is essential for your clients to have journeys they feel comfortable with. From the logo to the words used, you can tailor the journey to your clients and boost your conversion rate.

And all this, with the risk-carrier of your choice. Would you like to get an idea of how it works? Try a Pet Insurance journey here.

Seyna AML – to automate your AML-CFT compliance procedures

The amount of money laundered each year is estimated at €2.13 trillion, or nearly 3% of global GDP.

Anti-money laundering regulations require all financial institutions, including brokerage firms, to take precautionary measures. One of these is to strictly ensure that no insured party is included on the Banque de France’s asset-freezing list. The other is to be able to prove that you have taken all necessary measures in the event of an audit!

Any breach is subject to a fine of up to 10% of your turnover. To remove this risk to your activity, Seyna has developed Seyna AML.

Whether through manual or automated API checks, Seyna AML flags up suspicious cases in your client portfolio. This truly collaborative tool then allows your teams to cooperate effectively in processing them.

The tool keeps track of exchanges and optimises requests for supporting documents through automated emails.

Are your suspicions confirmed? Share the file with your insurer in a single click to allow them to carry out the necessary formalities with Tracfin.

In the event of an audit, a log allows you to instantly download reports on your recent searches. It’s as simple as that.

Health/Protection – next step in Seyna’s expansion

Seyna is entering the Health Insurance market.

This sector is undergoing rapid digitalisation and faces three main problems:

  1. A lack of accessibility and readability of client-side proposals
  2. Ever-tighter compliance constraints for brokers
  3. Programme management complicated by the difficulty of integrating the various tools used by players in the value chain

This was the feedback received from market players. Seyna therefore decided to develop a platform to meet their needs and those of their clients.

Seyna SaaS now makes it easy for brokers to identify and compare the various proposals on the market and to create new ones. It helps to streamline exchanges between all players and improves the overall digital experience.

Now… Do you have a Health Insurance project coming up? Let’s talk!