The 2nd edition of Seyna Keynotes

At this 2nd edition of the Seyna Keynotes, we presented the latest features we've developed to help brokers protect their customers' dreams and projects.

seyna keynote july 2022

Technology is never an end in itself. It is, however, a tremendous asset to increase impact, operate at scale, automate low value-added tasks and... protect.

At Seyna, we have made it our mission to build the insurance technology that will allow brokers to protect their clients in their dreams and projects.

During this 2nd edition of the Seyna Keynotes, we presented the latest features we have developed to allow insurance brokers to :

  • Guide your customers in their purchase and boost your conversion rates
  • Activate third party networks to grow your business
  • Save time on administrative tasks

Discover them now!

Quote Management by Seyna Sell - Optimize your quote management, boost your sales

The Seyna Sell product is growing! Indeed, until now Seyna Sell was about rolling out your own fully digitalized underwriting journey, with your brand and your words, in just 1 week.

But sometimes, when it comes to insurance, digital is not enough. Indeed, buying an insurance product is an emotional purchase.  Products are often complicated, so you need a human touch.

If you entrust the protection of your loved ones, your pet or your property to a company, more often than not you will need to talk to someone. Someone who can answer our questions. Someone who can explain what we are getting ourselves into. Someone to tailor the product to our specific needs.

With the Quote Management feature of Seyna Sell, this is now possible.

Indeed, Quote Management of Seyna Sell allows you to craft your own underwriting journey and generate quotes, which you can then handle directly on the Seyna app.

A single interface to manage your quotes, adapt them to your customers' needs and seamlessly send them to boost your conversion rate. Quote Management is already available and can be adapted to all products and all risk carriers.

Distribution Networks by Seyna Sell - Scale up your sales. Become a wholesaler.

They are house furniture salesmen, veterinarians, real estate agents, dentists, ... and yet they all have one thing in common… They can generate additional income by distributing your insurance products.

Seyna Sell's "Distribution Networks" feature allows to become a wholesale broker in 2 weeks. Activate third party networks by giving them access to the best tools in the market and have them sell your products.

Stemming from popular demand, this feature was designed hand-in-hand with its target users to ensure the swift on-boarding of your business partners. Give them access to their individual account from which they will manage their whole insurance portfolio.

Quote management, portfolio monitoring, sales pitch display, etc. "Distribution Networks" brings together all the tools needed to run your business and increase your sales tenfold. No matter the product, no matter the insurer.

Create, federate, and monitor third party sales networks to bring your business in another dimension.

Seyna Check Up - Turn your compliance audit into a competitive advantage

An estimated 300 documents are required for a compliance audit. In short, a month-long administrative sprint that generates stress and distracts you from your customers.

Seyna Check Up leverages technology to address that. Seyna Check Up, your new Compliance Audit tool.

Already used by many brokers, the tool was originally designed to facilitate the management of vast amounts of documents. Following an intuitive tree structure, Seyna Check Up simplifies the download of your documents by organizing all the information in themes and sub-themes. Let the application guide you.

And like all Seyna tools, the interface was designed as a collaborative work tool. Compliance is all about teamwork. Have your teammates send you the relevant documents in 1 click or quickly get feedback from your insurer at any given step of the way.

Interactive help modules, access to document templates or to Seyna’s Compliance Guide, Seyna Check Up accompanies you on the way to compliance.

In short, an intuitive interface to break down an admin sprint into a set of fully digitalized steps, spread over several months. Thanks to technology, turn a regulatory obligation into a powerful learning tool that will help your teams grow and save time.

Thanks to Seyna Check-Up, make your compliance audit a competitive advantage.

Seyna AML - Your AML-controls, automated (UX refresh and new feature)

A few months ago, we presented to you one of our most recent products: Seyna AML. A tool to:

  • Automate 80% of your AML checks
  • Save time by collaborating as a team on new case
  • Keep a record of your controls to certify that you are in compliance with the regulation

It still does all that, but better…Seyna is proud to present its new ergonomic design as well as its new "Case Check-Up" feature.

What's new? Thanks to "Case Check-Up", all you need to do is screen a customer once for the Seyna platform to monitor it over the whole life of the contract.

In other words, no more repeated API calls to verify that an alert has not occurred. Add a file to the checklist and Seyna will notify you. Don't worry about your customers, Seyna does it for you.

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