Seyna Keynote - October 2023: The latest news to boost brokers' revenues.

AML checks automation, Seyna’s unique actuarial platform, full-stack platform for brokers, … Discover Seyna’s October Keynote

keynote seyna october 2023

Seyna is building the platform that will centralize all the technology and insurance products brokers need to grow their revenues.

In order to do that, brokers will need to address the ever-rising expectations of policyholders for personalized, instant, and high-quality service. This can only be achieved through optimised operations and a constant search to create the perfect insurance experience.

Here are 3 features specifically designed to that end.

Seyna Insurance - Unlocking the Power of Actuarial Intelligence

Imagine you could instantly start crunching and analysing any actuarial data sets, across all insurance branches possible? Now you can, thanks to Seyna’s Core Insurance Platform.

How? Drag and drop your csv file on Seyna et voilà. The platform will automatically collect and structure the data to feed it back to you in its most visual form. With a user-friendly interface, brokers can gain insights into their portfolios, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions.

By leveraging actuarial intelligence, brokers can optimize their programs, enhance profitability, and provide tailored offerings to clients.

Seyna Sell & Policy Management - Boost Your Sales with Seyna's full-stack platform

To close a sale in insurance, you need to be quick and trust your flair. The flair is all yours. But being quick in assisting your customers is a matter of operations and technology. The good news is that with Seyna, all you need is one log-in.

Thanks to its full-stack brokerage platform, brokers can now design, craft, and distribute thir products, all from one place. More efficiency, more control over your sales cycles. We’ve turned that into a story to make it more concrete.

Seyna AML - Your AML checks automated

Studies show that AML compliance always ranks in brokers’ top 3 most time-consuming tasks. It is true with the rising pressure imposed by the ACPR upon insurance companies, the probability for brokers to be audited have never been higher. We usually expect insurance audits have always been long and most-likely stressful… but it does have to be that way.

The latest updates allow for automatic checks of all new policyholders, individuals and businesses alike, against a wide set of asset freeze lists (Treasury Department, the United Nations, the European Union, national lists, OFAC, etc.) Have the platform atuomatically monitor your whole portfolio, manage all alerts with a simple click… In a nutshell, AML made easy so that you can really focus on what matters most: your customers.