Discover Seyna's Keynote n°3

Less admin, more sales, better insurance products… Discover Seyna’s Keynote #3

keynote seyna n°3

Seyna, the insurance platform for brokers, recently held its 3rd Keynote event to showcase all the features we've been working on to enable you to focus on what matters most: your customers.

After 3 years in business, Seyna now works with over 90 brokers, protecting over a million beneficiaries. How do we do it? By combining insurance and technology.

In this keynote, find out how the Seyna platform can... :

  • Free up brokers' time by reducing administrative tasks (from 3mn)
  • Enabling brokers to create unique customer experiences (from 8:25)
  • Tailor-made insurance products... in less than a month (from 15mn37)

We believe that no one should be afraid to take risks. And insurance is the way to do it. Thanks to technology, we will make insurance the protective force that helps the world move forward.