Product Updates

Product updates - December 2022

In December, Seyna focused its efforts on developing key features to help the broker perform better on a daily basis. Find out about the recent developments in our platform!

Product updates - December 2022

Seyna Check-up: collaboration made easy

Seyna Check-up allows you to keep your business compliant throughout the year. This is a real asset when it comes to collaborating on a daily basis with various partners in the sector. Today, Seyna Check-up is being strengthened with a new communication space that allows you to write, receive and respond to your partners regarding the documents required within the framework of your brokerage activity. If your insurer asks you a question about a particular document, you receive an email notification, and you can then process the request directly from Check-up, at the level of the document in question.

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Seyna AML: Hello Rest

You've been waiting for it, it's now available! To take advantage of the power of the Seyna AML tool via API, you now have the choice between two different architectural styles: the GraphQL API and the REST API. Seyna therefore becomes even easier to implement within your ecosystem.

Lire notre documentation is fresh!

Just like our platform, our site continues to evolve too! Find all of the Seyna products on a brand new home page. This is also an opportunity to download our guide dedicated to compliance where you can find a clear roadmap for your compliance, the list of your obligations as a broker, or even many management tips.

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