Seyna celebrates its 2-year anniversary

Stephen Leguillon
December 6, 2021
Seyna celebrates its 2-year anniversary

Exactly 2 years ago today, Seyna was taking in its first insurance premium as a risk-carrier!

But 2 years will also have allowed us to reinforce our founding #convictions: 

- Transforming the insurance industry will not happen without brokers. That's why we're building an infrastructure to enable them to better protect us.

- Relevant protection is protection that is continuously updated. That's why all our tools and processes have been designed to adapt your products as your customers' needs evolve.

- Protection only makes sense if it is robust! That's why we partner with the best reinsurers in the world. To offer your clients the best protection there is.

To celebrate, Stephen, our CEO, takes a quick look back at the past two years of adventure. 

Over the past couple of years we also got to :

Launch over 40 collaborations with exceptional partners

- Pass the 12m€ bar in terms of written premium

- Launch the Broker App as well as the Reinsurer App to make our broker and reinsurer partners life easier

- Put together an A-Team - we’re constantly looking for talent to join the team by the way, if interested in hearing more, click here!
But all this thanks to you all! 

Thank you all again for your all your support and collaboration.

The Seyna Team

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