Seyna organizes the 3rd edition of its "Inspire!" nights

Rodolphe Strauss
September 14, 2023
Seyna organizes the 3rd edition of its "Inspire!" nights

🛡️Protecting people is hard.

📞Responding to clients in need can be challenging at times.

🤔Building products that will truly make a difference when needed is complex.

In short, being a broker is about taking on a responsibility that can be burdensome.

⚡To help, we have created Seyna, a platform that centralizes all the technology and insurance resources allowing brokers to focus on their clients and their protection.

But we also take one evening a year to relax. To come together with our entire community and share a breath of fresh air and inspiration.

Thursday night was the 3rd edition of the "Inspire!" evenings. There were more than 100 of us to share a friendly moment and open our chakras with:

... all of it concluded with the screening of France's victory over Uruguay! 🏉

Thank you all for your participation and these beautiful moments!

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