Elodie Champagnat joins Seyna as Chief Marketing Officer

After 15 years driving change at leading roles in the HR tech industry Elodie Champagnat joins Seyna as Chief Marketing Officer.

Elodie Champagnat joins Seyna

Elodie Champagnat is an experienced business leader with over a decade of experience in sales, marketing, and communication.

After graduating from Kedge Business School, Elodie built her expertise in B2B Product Marketing. After 6 years at Monster in business development and product marketing roles, she joins Talentsoft, France’s leading HR software.  There, she creates and structures the Product Marketing team, one of the first teams of its kind in the French market, before eventually leading the global Presales and Product Teams.  

Her approach:

  • Spend time on the field to understand market dynamics and customers alike
  • Building offers and the right storytelling by adopting a simple positioning on complicated technologies
  • Define a go-to-market plan and involve the entire company in its execution

Her mission at Seyna: Generate even more growth and make Seyna that magnetic brand you can’t ignore.

In addition to all her knowledge and expertise, Elodie comes with her load of good vibes that we are delighted to welcome to Seyna. Welcome!

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