"Roole Rent" | A new launch, a new approach with Seyna

The champion of affinity motor insurance choses Seyna to launch its new deductible buyback program

"Roole Rent" | A new launch, a new approach with Seyna

After Payfit for payroll and Pennylane for accounting, SaaS is now transforming the creation and management of insurance programs. Roole, an expert broker in affinity car insurance, chose Seyna’s insurance platform to launch its new "Roole Rent" insurance program. From risk carrying to the creation of a customized underwriting journey, and the automation of AML-CFT controls, the program is fully run through Seyna.

PARIS - April 17, 2024.

Roole, complementary motor insurance pioneer, launches "Roole Rent "

With close to one and a half million members, Roole is France's leading automobile club. Founded in 1982, the company started out as a B2B window-engraving business under the name Identicar. Over the years, the firm has established itself as the undisputed leader in car affinity insurance programs. A true incubator, Roole today represents over 300 employees aiming to make the automobile simpler, more economical and more supportive. In April 2023, the firm decided to launch "Roole Rent", a new deductible buyback product covering its members during their short-term car rentals.

To ensure product-market fit, Roole's priority was to launch an offer quickly, to test and validate the scheme with its community. A first version of the insurance product was designed within 1 month to validate the interest of members, before any further investment. Given the time constraints, Roole was looking for a partner capable of launching an innovative insurance product, but also of reducing the cost of launch and management that SaaS technology allows.

A continuously adjustable program launched within 3 months and fully operated though Seyna technology

The average launch time for a new insurance offer is 12 months. Adjusting an offer after launch takes an average of 18 months. This is due to insurance companies’ complex organisation and validation processes. Additionnally, one needs to factor in the high costs of implementing new product versions in underwriting and management systems. Yet, less than 3 months after contacting Seyna, Roole was already selling the first policy of its new "Roole Rent" product. All sales were carried out through Seyna’s enabled underwriting journey and all contracts managed using the platform’s policy mangement technology.

This was made possible thanks to a combination of the platform’s risk carrying capacity and technology covering the entire insurance value chain.

Quote generation, contract production, pricer integration, automatic analysis of insurance data, automation of AML-CFT controls, real-time adjustment of underwriting journeys... In short, the platform provides brokers with all the insurance and technology they need to create and manage a program.

Thanks to its unique model, Seyna was able to offer a first version of the insurance product, along with its digital underwriting journey and contract management tool, within three months. By the end of the summer, Roole had sold several hundred policies, enabling it to leverage customer feedback. Expansion of territoriality, rate adjustments, UX simplification, refinement of the underwriting scheme... the program was adjusted in close collaboration with Roole's technical and marketing teams for the coming season.

Systematically updated and scalable, SaaS technology frees brokers from technological complexity, allowing them to focus on their customers.

"Seyna's mission is to centralize on one platform all the technology and insurance brokers like Roole need to protect their customers. Brokers have excellent knowledge of their markets and customers. They come with extraordinary ambitions for growth, and ideas. Seyna provides the the flexible insurance infrastructure they need to enable them to move fast. Better insurance products, the ability to iterate quickly, operational efficiencies..."

"The key is the integration of insurance with the whole technological ecosystem. We are at the beginning of a new chapter for insurance", says Stephen Leguillon, CEO of Seyna.


About Seyna

Seyna empowers insurance brokers to grow their business. Seyna’s platform combines tailored insurance products and technology to unleash brokers’ time and creativity.Over 100 insurance brokers are already building their insurance business on Seyna, creating unique and personalized insurance experiences, from underwriting to claims handling. The platform automates administrative and compliance tasks, freeing up brokers’ time to spend with policyholders. Additionally, Seyna is built as an open infrastructure, enabling brokers to integrate new IT solutions, seamlessly.

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