Seyna at Argus Factory 2022

The 16th and 17th of November, Seyna was at the Argus Factory - one of France's leading Insurtech event.

Seyna at Argus Factory 2022

On the 16th of November was one of France's leading Insurtech event.

Seyna was invited to take part in the panel: "From underwriting to compensation: How to build a proper understanding of your customers"

Seyna's business model is designed to centralize in one platform everything a broker may need to manage the customer relationship: insurance product creation, slip management, underwriting path creation, claims management tool, etc.

Understanding the customers' behavior on the underwriting path, sending the right messages at the right time during the management of a claim, automating the compliance to free up time to better serve, etc.  Seyna merges in a single platform all the bricks of the value chain, allowing it to analyze the customer experience in its entirety and to have a finer reading of the customer expectations.

Thanks to Argus for arranging this great exchange.

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