Seyna blows its 3rd candle. Stephen (CEO) would just like to say...

Seyna blows its 3rd candle. To celebrate, Stephen (CEO), had a few words he'd like to say...

Seyna blows out its 3rd candle!

It's been 3 years today.

3 years since Seyna was licensed to operate as an insurance company. It was the beginning of the construction of our platform.

We started developing Seyna based on one conviction: The world is moving faster and faster. Creativity, new experiences, new uses, everything is becoming increasingly accessible.

Humanity has never had so many opportunities. But in order to dare to go for it, to dare to take a risk, you need to be protected. That is the very mission of insurance. To protect those who wish to go ahead.

And what we’ve observed is that, on the front line, there are the brokers. They’re the ones close to their customers, deciphering trends. They create insurance experiences that respond to this increasingly fast-paced world.

But protecting their customers has also become increasingly expensive, increasingly difficult. Why? Because insurance is being held back by its technology.

So today is our 3rd anniversary. And to celebrate, I have three stories that stood out to me over this past year.

  • Thibault, manager of a brokerage firm, felt like he was losing too much time on administrative and compliance tasks. Thanks to Seyna AML and Seyna Check-Up, he was able to automate a large part of these tasks, thereby allowing his teams to focus on customers and protection.

  • Christophe, manager of a start-up which allows companies to digitalize their social benefits, also wanted to let them offer health insurance to their customers. On Seyna, Christophe was able to create tailor-made insurance products, exactly aligned with his strategy.

  • Sophie, operations manager at brokerage firm, used to outsource claims management of her customers over the last years. But that led her to lose visibility of the quality of the experience she was providing to her clients. By integrating all its service providers onto its Seyna Claims module, Sophie was able to centralize all information, regain visibility and control over the whole value chain.

The road is obviously still long. We still have a lot to create. But what a fascinating journey to share with insurance professionals.

So I wanted to take advantage of this beautiful stage of Seyna's 3 years to thank the 90+ brokerage firms who have shifted to Seyna and now protect nearly 900k customers in their dreams and projects. And this is only the beginning.

Finally I would like to finish by thanking all the Seyna team for all the enthusiasm and energy they invest in building this project.

Thank you all for your trust. Happy birthday to Seyna. And see you soon!


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