Seyna joins the 2023 La French Tech 120 cohort!

Seyna, insurance brokers' leading insurance platform, has been nominated as one of la French Tech 120 rising stars. It will hence benefit from an official coaching prorgam to keep making headway on its quest to make insurance accessible to all.

Seyna joins the La French Tech 120 class of 2023!

La French Tech 120 cohort from 2023

Seyna joins la French Tech's 2023 cohort of France's 120 most promising scale ups.

The French Tech Next40/120 is a support program of the Mission French Tech dedicated to the most promising startups of the French tech ecosystem.

Joining the program will entitle Seyna to :

  • Personalized support from the relevant government departments - via the network of "French Tech Correspondents" present in more than 60 administrations and public services,
  • Integration in certain economic diplomacy actions, opportunities, particularly in terms of visibility - in France and internationally,
  • Experience-sharing events on going public, parity, integrating the ecological transition into one's business, or external growth. For this new promotion, the selection criteria have been revised upwards. Commitments in terms of the ecological transition, parity and inclusion were also essential.

The French Tech Next40/120 is about 26 unicorns, 11.3 billion in cumulative revenues by 2022 and 50,000 direct jobs created in France and internationally.

Congratulations to all the winners of this class - can't wait to run into you there!

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