Seyna nominated as part of Sifted's B2B Soonicorns Squad

Seyna joins Sifted's cohort of B2B Soonicorns and continues to establish itself as a key actor in the insurtech space.

Seyna rejoint la promotion des Soonicorns B2B de Sifted

Sifted's B2B Soonicorns Squad

Sifted's B2B Soonicorn ranking is an exclusive list of the most promising and fastest-growing technology companies in Europe, selected based on data from and in collaboration with the Financial Times. The ranking highlights companies with the potential to become unicorns (companies valued at over one billion dollars) in the near future.

Seyna, the platform for insurance brokers, is proud to be part of this prestigious ranking, which demonstrates the potential of the Saas model in the insurance industry.

The B2B Soonicorn ranking showcases Seyna's performance in 2022 and its growth prospects, which result from its unique approach to the insurance industry. Seyna's platform offers brokers the freedom and flexibility to develop their activity by providing them with technology and customized insurance products.

Beyond the recognition this represents for the team, this nomination encourages Seyna to continue its race to create a platform that allows for all insurance activities, from brokerage to insurance and reinsurance.

And this is just the beginning!

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