Seyna obtains its licence to operate as a Health risk carrier

It's official! Seyna now has officially been granted a licence to operate as a Health risk carrier. Learn more here!

Seyna obtains its Health risks approval

Seyna obtains its licence to operate as a Health risk carrier

In today's fast-paced world, it's more important than ever to have the right protections in place. Whether it's to start a business, protect your family, or even just go on vacation, you need insurance coverage that is tailored to your needs and comes with impeccable service. That's where Seyna comes in.

Seyna is an insurance platform that is designed specifically for brokers. It combines tailored insurance products and technology to allow brokers to focus on what matters most: their customers.

Seyna has had some key milestones in its short history. In December 2019, we obtained ACPR approval to operate as an insurance company and raised a seed funding round of €14 million to address the affinity market. In February 2021, with a 600% increase in revenue in the second year, we raised a record series-A of €33 million for a French insurtech and positioned ourselves in the individual and group health sector. But today is an important day, as Seyna can now operate as self-standing risk-carrier to help brokers create tailormade insurance products and experiences, end-to-end.

Since launching that new business brand just one year ago, Seyna has seen tremendous growth. Health/life insurance has become our fastest-growing vertical, accounting for about 50% of our business. We're excited to continue helping brokers unleash their creativity and protect their clients with the power of Seyna.

The health/life insurance market in France is worth a staggering €36 billion, and Seyna is well-positioned to take advantage of this opportunity. Brokers who use Seyna can:

  • Focus on care: By automating low-value-added tasks and optimizing processes related to managing an insurance activity, brokers can free up more time to focus on their clients. For example, Seyna can automate 80% of LCB-FT checks and optimize audit processes.

  • Free their creativity: With Seyna, brokers can create custom insurance products and protection experiences directly through the platform. This includes everything from subscription to claim management, all in total autonomy.

  • Operate their way: Seyna can be configured to meet the specific business needs of brokers. It is built to allow integration with external providers, giving brokers complete control and visibility across the entire value chain. They can manage their entire activity from the platform.

If you're a broker looking for a better way to serve your clients, let's talk! Our platform combines the power of technology with the creativity of brokers, making it easy to protect your clients and grow your business.

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