Seyna on the Tech 500 podium of France’s most promising insurtechs

Seyna, the platform for insurance brokers, joins the Tech 500 ranking (Les Echos) and establishes itself as one of France's most promising insurtech.

Seyna on the Tech 500 podium

Seyna on the Tech 500 podium of France’s most promising insurtechs

Tech 500 is an annual ranking of the top 500 technology companies in France, based on their financial performance and growth potential. The ranking is produced by Data Recrutement in partnership with French business magazine Les Echos and other industry experts. The companies are evaluated based on their revenue, profitability, fundraising, and market potential, among other factors. Tech 500 aims to showcase the most innovative and promising technology companies in France and to support their growth by providing visibility and networking opportunities.

Ranked #2 behind its partner Dalma, rising star of Pet Insurance, Seyna continues to thrive to establish itself as an inevitable actor of the insurtech space.

Ranked #72 out of the whole cohort, Seyna is one of the only 9 insurtech to have made the cut, along with Shift Technology (#414), Alan (#465) or the neo-broker Leocare (#188).

Seyna’s performance is largely due to its strong focus on attracting top talent. If you’re interested in defining the future of one of the world’s largest industries and changing the way we protect the world in its projects, follow the link below and let's talk!

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