Seyna raises €33 million to build the future of insurance

We are thrilled to announce a €33 million Series A investment in Seyna!

Seyna raises €33 million

Seyna raises €33 million to build the future of insurance

Dear Friends of Seyna,

We are thrilled to announce a €33 million Series A investment in Seyna! Two new world-class investors, WhiteStar Capital and Elaia Capital, jointly led the investment. Our current investors, Global Founders Capital, Allianz and Financière St James, all reinvested and confirmed their commitment to our future. The deal is currently pending approval by the French supervisor, ACPR.

It is an important day for Seyna and all Seynators (our team!). This investment confirms the impact of the team’s hard work since we launched. It also confirms the insurance industry is adopting Seyna’s platform, and the depth of the opportunity to modernize the insurance industry’s infrastructure.

Funding rounds are not a goal. They provide fuel to do more, faster. Our celebration and excitement is focussed on how we will invest this fuel! This capital accelerates our pursuit of Seyna’s mission : build the insurance platform that helps humanity take risks and leap forward.

Make insurance an enabler of humanity progress

Insurance was invented to help people to launch new projects, push boundaries, take risks, empowered by the confidence they are covered if things go wrong. But today, customers perceive insurance as a mandatory purchase, and don’t trust they’ll be compensated when they need it the most. Insurance has lost its enabler role.

This change happened because insurers and brokers are not equipped to support a fast-moving world. The risk management and technology used today isn’t built for speed and change. The legacy infrastructure results in poor customer experiences.

Seyna is here to bring back insurance to its original enabler role.

A platform helping insurance brokers better protect customers and grow their business

If a broker’s mission is to protect clients as they take risks, to be successful, they need two tools

  1. the ability to tailor insurance products to their unique clients’ needs
  2. the software to provide great client experiences and run their brokerage business efficiently

Seyna is the all-in-one toolkit for successful insurance brokers. We provide tailored insurance products and software to operate growing brokerage businesses. Using Seyna’s platform, brokers can :

  • create competitive insurance products to win market share
  • build world-class customer experiences for subscription, claims and contract management, with no IT
  • focus on clients, not on admin
  • all that, with zero-compromise on financial stability

In just 2 years, +70 brokers and retailers have shifted to Seyna to protect 200 000 customers. And we’re only getting started…

Capital to accelerate

We plan to invest ambitiously in our software for brokers. Craft your very customer subscription experience - under your own branded, online or offline, embedded or direct, with no development effort. Make claims-management simple and effective for both you and your customers. Automate accounting, transactions and compliance. Launch and iterate on your insurance products, to stay ahead of the competition. All in one platform.

To maximise our impact on the insurance market, we will also make the platform available to more types of risks and geographies. Seyna currently operates on 5 verticals in France. We want to help brokers delight customers at a bigger scale. We will expand into event cancellation and health, and start enabling other European countries - more info to come soon!

Finally, the advantages of Seyna’s platform currently only benefit customers covered by Seyna’s own insurance products. That’s a shame. We will gradually leverage Seyna’s ability to craft relevant protections and state-of-the-art customer experiences. Specifically, we will open Seyna’s platform to products carried by fellow insurers. Using Seyna, brokers should be able to run 100% of their activity.

It starts with the best people

Seyna got here thanks to its strong team. I’d like to express my gratitude for the hard and smart work each Seynator provided since our launch, and for the enthusiastic and challenging work environment you create!

Our ability to execute on this mission will require growing the team, maintaining the same benchmark of passionate and talented experts. If you like to dream big and take on new challenges, we’re looking forward to meeting you (consult open positions at Seyna!)

If you’re looking for a rapid and easy solution to protect your customers, create delightful customer experiences and save time on reporting, let’s talk!

Looking forward to writing the next chapter with all of you. Stay tuned for more soon!

Stephen & the Seyna team

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