Verlingue Immobilier and Seyna team up to transform the Rental Experience

Seyna teams up with Verlingue Immobilier to set new standards for Rental Insurance

Sandrine Tibi et Alexandre Cohen de Verlingue Immobilier

Paris, 12th of December 2023,

Verlingue Immobilier, Adelaïde Group’s rental risks innovation branch, and Seyna, brokers’ leading insurance platform collaborate on a new rental insurance programming with the aim to set a new experience standard for the French market.

Rental Insurance: A Fragmented Experience

The rental market, particularly in the realm of unpaid rent insurance, has long been plagued by complexity and opacity. Verlingue Immobilier, a leader in this sector, identified these challenges and embarked on a mission to streamline the experience for tenants and real estate professionals. The company, which is a part of the Verlingue Group with €2 billion in premiums negotiated by 2022, insures over 100,000 lots and supports more than 2,000 real estate professionals.

Transforming the Rental Experience

In response to this fragmented landscape, Seyna and Verlingue Immobilier have partnered to introduce the GoodLoc project, aimed at redefining tenant protection. This collaboration leverages Seyna's cutting-edge solvency analysis technology to simplify the insurance process, enabling the completion of tenant files and GLI insurance certification in under 3 minutes.

This partnership has successfully co-developed an unpaid rent insurance product that aligns with the market's needs and Verlingue Immobilier's expertise. The initiative has set new industry standards, significantly reducing file compilation time and incorporating innovative GLI underwriting approaches to extend protection to previously underserved groups.

Alexandre Cohen, General Manager at Verlinge Immobilier shares, "With the GoodLoc project, we wanted to rethink the entire rental experience from the ground up. So we were looking for an insurance partner with the same sensitivity to innovation and the same iterative approach to rapidly co-constructing a new market standard. That's what we found in Seyna."

This joint venture between Seyna and Verlingue Immobilier marks a pivotal step in enhancing efficiency, transparency, and accessibility in the rental insurance sector.

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About Verlingue

Verlingue Immobilier, one of Adelaïde Group’s branch, positions itself as a key player in transforming the rental market. With a vision firmly focused on digitalization, Verlingue Immobilier creates new digital ecosystems to facilitate and secure the entire rental journey, from the property listing to the tenants' move-in. By introducing new standards based on instant analysis of banking behaviors and tenants' personal data, Verlingue Immobilier aims to become an essential trusted third party, redefining tenant selection criteria for easier access to housing.

About Seyna

Seyna empowers insurance brokers to grow their business. Seyna’s platform combines tailored insurance products and technology to unleash brokers’ time and creativity.
Over 100 insurance brokers are already building their insurance business on Seyna, creating unique and personalized insurance experiences, from underwriting to claims handling. The platform automates administrative and compliance tasks, freeing up brokers’ time to spend with policyholders. Additionally, Seyna is built as an open infrastructure, enabling brokers to integrate new IT solutions, seamlessly.

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