2023 : The Wrap-Up

2023 was a key turning point for Seyna. Here is why and our key achivements for the year!

2023, Seyna's validation year. Discover our key achievements of the year...

For Seyna, 2023 will have been the year of validation.

Validation that there is a need for a technological infrastructure that will enable insurance professionals to protect more and more people better and faster.

But it was also a year of struggle! With inflation at 6%, purchasing power in freefall, the investment market in full contraction, and out of the ordinary claims levels, 2023 will trully was full of surprises.

But building a company with Seyna's ambition is a marathon. And in 2023, thanks to the team's efforts and constant adjustments, we managed to pull off key milestones...

Here are the main ones... :

60% growth

April, Verlingue, Verspieren, Garantme, Phenomen, ... these are just a few of the many players in the sector who continue to trust Seyna to build their insurance programmes and accelerate their growth. With them, we managed to achieve a 60% growth in our turnover, despite the current climate.

This is a fine recognition of the value brought by Seyna to a sector in full mutation. We will continue to work hard to bring even greater flexibility and speed to brokers wishing to support their customers in their dreams and projects.

High potential confirmed in Health insurance

In 2023, the number of partnerships we forged in healthcare more than tripled. Of course, this is just the beginning! Our size relative to the historical players remains modest. But it does illustrate that Seyna has a role to play in the transformation of the traditional players who are more crucial to the protection of the French population than ever.

In fact, the tension in the market is such that some players are pulling out. But the future will belong to those who know how to reinvent themselves to bring ever greater value to their customers, without sacrificing their profitability. Seyna will continue to work hard to develop the tools and insurance products that will enable them to continue to protect people in their dreams and projects.

New actuarial technology for brokers

One of the insurance industry's biggest problems is managing its data. The kind of data that enables you to make impactful decisions with confidence.

In 2023, we had the pleasure of opening up to the market a technology that we had been working on for 4 years. Until then, it was the backbone of all our actuarial work. From now on, the analyses resulting from this technology will be shared with our brokerage customers with the support of our team.

Objective: Enabling brokers to spend less time on data integration and more on analysing and optimising their programmes. With a level of precision unheard of on the market.

But see for yourself

A breakthrough in insurance brokerage technology

In 1 year ... :

  • Seyna Sell, our tool for creating customised underwriting paths, is already being used by global insurance and brokerage leaders such as Allianz and WTW.
  • Seyna AML has become the specialist LCB-FT reference solution for the insurance industry. Deployed by market leaders such as Lovys, the solution automates all first-level controls and enables second-level cases to be managed collaboratively for greater efficiency. More information here !
  • Seyna Policy Management, our policy management tool, is already running its first programmes at our customer Roole, the 1st Automobile Club in France.

And this is just the beginning. We will continue to improve our products so that even more brokers around the world can protect their customers with Seyna technology.

International expansion

Our ambition is to build an global business. In 2023, the Seyna platform will already enable brokers in France, Germany, Poland, Belgium and Spain to protect their customers and operate their programmes. And that's just the beginning!

Leadership on the rise

Finally, we have seen some major internal changes, with members of our team such as Jean-Baptiste Alves and Jules Charpentier taking on new responsibilities in new areas such as IT development and actuarial work. One of Seyna's objectives is to contribute to the development of tomorrow's insurance industry leaders.

Many thanks to them, and of course the whole team, for their hard work and creativity in building ever more solutions that will enable brokers to protect those who dream big!

Bring on 2024!

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