Product Updates

Product updates - February 2023

Learn about the developments that took place in February on our platform!

Product updates - February 2023

Seyna Sell: contractual documentation that reflects your brand.

Your brand image sets the tone for your communication and allows you to stand out. With Seyna Sell, our solution to boost your insurance product sales, you keep all your documentation in line with your brand image throughout the subscription process. From the initial contacts with your prospects, you ensure that you convey an experience that perfectly reflects your brand identity.

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Seyna Claims: assign a claim to a team member

When a policyholder experiences a claim, they expect empathy and swift resolution from you. To ensure the quickest response, our Seyna Claims solution allows you to assign one of your team members to a claim. Available directly from the claim page, this new feature lets you easily collaborate with stakeholders and process your claims even faster.

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Seyna Claims: preview received documents and process them with one click

With Seyna Claims, you now have the ability to preview documents sent by your policyholder without downloading them. From the same view, you can even tag this document with a status to indicate to your colleagues that it's been processed. The result: you free up your time from a time-consuming task, and your policyholder sees their claim addressed quickly!

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