Product Updates

Product updates - June 2023

Learn about the developments that took place in June on our platform!

Product updates - June 2023

Seyna AML: Secure enrollment, our integrated LCB-FT checks offer you complete peace of mind.

From now on, when a new policyholder subscribes to one of your insurance products, we conduct a thorough check to ensure compliance with anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing regulations. But that's not all! Stay tuned, as in the coming weeks, we will be adding more verification lists to make our checks even more comprehensive. Ensuring your business's compliance and your peace of mind remains our top priority.

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Seyna Claims: manage renunciations cleverly!

Our new contract renunciation feature provides increased flexibility for contract managers. Now, when a new policyholder wishes to withdraw after signing up, our platform allows managers to easily renounce the contract. Displaying a detailed checklist of actions to verify, such as checking for ongoing claims and the deadline for renunciation, we ensure precise and flawless management. Furthermore, our renunciation feature goes a step further: it automatically calculates the amount to be refunded if necessary. With our tool, you benefit from streamlined and efficient management, enabling you to optimize operations and deliver quality service to your clients.

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Seyna Insurance: Stay updated in a blink: our slip reminders make your life easier!

Now, our platform makes managing monthly slips easier by sending regular reminders to contract managers. No more risk of forgetting to send slips to your insurer! Moreover, our platform allows you to aggregate your data effortlessly, without the need for prior formatting. Take advantage of this handy feature that saves you time and ensures a smooth transmission of information to your insurer.

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