Product Updates

Product updates - March 2023

Learn about the developments that took place in March on our platform!

Product updates - March 2023

Seyna Claims: collaborate with the right experts and process your claims even faster!

Seyna Claims provides impeccable support to your policyholders in the event of a claim. Now, during claim management, you can assign a role to anyone, whether they're inside or outside of your organization. This way, you can collaborate with different experts on the same claim to process it in record time. Your policyholders will surely be pleased!

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Seyna Claims: easily identify your policyholders during a claim.

Declaring a claim can be a stressful moment for any policyholder. That's why at Seyna, we do everything to put your policyholders in the best conditions when they need it most. Now, you can offer your policyholder the option to enter their policy number right from the first step of the declaration process, allowing them to find all their pre-filled information. A smooth claim declaration experience often hinges on the details, which can be crucial to the satisfaction of your policyholders. With Seyna Claims, you stack the odds in your favor!

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Seyna Sell: your contractual documentation always up-to-date, without any effort.

Seyna Sell is unveiling a new feature today that will save every broker a considerable amount of time. Documentation generated during a subscription must always be kept up-to-date. However, sales terms change frequently for various reasons. Updating these changes on contractual documents (subscription forms, membership certificates...) is extremely time-consuming. With our new feature, you can seamlessly integrate new versions of your documentation into your subscription experience, effortlessly! We retrieve your documentation template, the subscription experience updates automatically, and your prospects always benefit from the latest version at the time of signing.

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